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[ Player Guide ] God Guo: Some thing about the coming ninja assist (1)


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When it comes to the ninja assist I just remember that every time you find the facebook GM of this game they wil ask u "Hi ninja how may we assist you"...

Ok that's not what I want to say. For the system has not refresh yet and the new activity has not come to us, now I use some pics in the Chinese version to show u something about the coming activity --- ninja assist.

For the new activity, this is kind of a expensive one for the materials it needs to level up is really kind of expensive, But for the players who recharge much but did not get their power up so quickily, on the good side, they c*e the new system to improve the battle effectiveness when the battle effectiveness is stagnant.


this is where u can find the new function, just in the power up show window u can find it next to the five nature chakra.

consider about the name, ninja assist, kind of same as assist links, in fact they're really kind of simillar for they all need you to get materials to power up ninja cards and put them on your ninja tp improve some fatures of your ninja in the team. but different from assist links,. you can only put on one ninja assist card in the same time and the card can only improve two features for an attributes of ninja.



first, you will get many ninja who is locked and u need this material to unlock them. This little flag is really useful for you need this to uinlock the ninja card u want and also need it to level up your ninja assist card.

so how to get this important flag then?

1. recharge.


u can see that if you already recharge 100000 ingots you can get one flag free in the treasured bag.

2. buy in the shop


with the new function we can get one more activity to buy this flag on 2000 coupons or ingots.

3. buy after recharge.


here you can see if u already recharge 5000 ingots then u can buy two flags on 3600 ingots, careful plz here u can only buy this on ingots after u recharge more than 5000 ingots.

How to use the flag

in the ninja assist show window, use flag to unlock the ninja u want. the ninja only can improve 2 features. on the ninja in the team who has the same attributes with the assist ninja card.

for example:


Fu's attributes is fire, so he can improve 2%on attack, 3% on defense on the fire attributes ninjas in your line up if there are some. if you have a team that do not has any fire attribute ninja, then even u set the Fu assist card it just improve nothing.


another example, this shows u that different assist card wil provide different features on different attribute ninjas, like Mei terumi can provide 2% ninjutsu, 3% resistance for water attribute ninja when u unlock her without any strengthen,

Compared with Fu and Mei Terumi, u can find that the attribute of improvement target ninja are different, and the features of improvement are also different. so when u choose which ninja card to unlock, consider what attribute ninja is the key ninja in your lineup, and what features u need to improve to beat others, for example, the water main position 1 line up I use and the other line up, mabui, tenten great ninja war, Mei Terumi, water main, these two line ups both need a water attribute assist card to improve themselves, but the water main position 1 line up need more resistence and ninjutst, while the other line up need more ninjutsua and explosion,. Just an example to show u how to choose the assist card u want.

This is the first part, the next part will be upload soon.

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