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[ Fanfiction ] Waves. Part 3 (Azure x Midnight story)


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No fanart this time as life keeping me busy~

Enjoy reading, luvs


Valley soaked in the dim light of the moon, was charmingly quiet, without even a lightest breeze to break it's calmness. All residents were preparing for the night rest, while young ninjas dealt with injuries and took time to *yze today's encounter.

Azure closed door to small bedroom where Scarlet was resting, still unconscious.

'How is he doing?' Midnight asked, looking up at her from the scroll on which he noted details of the fight. He had bandages on his forehead in a place of damaged protector.

'Well, he's sleeping whole time.' Azure sat down, next to the boy, rubbing neck which got all stiff and numb. 'I checked everything and he don't have any injuries. No fever or anything either. He's just very weak.'

Midnight looked down at his notes again. 'According to what those people told us, there was never a death case because of these attacks but few like this.' he frowned, rubbing chin and thinking. 'What if that thing can sense of how much chakra- life, he can steal from a victim... to not kill him.'

Azure also read through wall of notes he did so far. Then looked up at him and noticed he's rubbing eyes, with dark circles under them. 'Nighty... you need to rest too. That thing got you too after all. Beside...' she rested chin on hands on the table. 'Can we really do anything here? I think we should report to Konoha and let that to more experienced people.'

Midnight leaned back on chair, crossed arms and closed eyes, visibly annoyed that they can't just finish mission on their own. 'I don't really like it but yes, that's what we should do now.'

'Whatever we will do or discuss- let's do it in the morning, ok? You really need to rest and maybe some ideas will come to us after a good sleep and regaining energy.' Azure stretched arms saying that.

'Regaining energy...' Midnight repeated, staring back at his notes. 'I was thinking about that too- this "demon" doesn't kill, just steal energy to keep himself alive? Or revive? Is there someone controlling him and why then he won't attack more people at once...' boy got up and started walking around the table, making Azure sigh aloud. 'these people told me that this bigger form of it almost never attacked anyone like it did to us. So I was thinking, that amount or kind of chakra he stole this time was enough to make him more aggressive. And yet he backed off and disappeared after some time.' he stopped near the window and looked out at lake.

'Nighty... go to sleep.' Azure stood next to him. 'You actually might be right about all this but let's leave it for tomorrow. And also...' she leaned shoulder on the window's frame and gazed at dark lake. 'I wish that some jounins would take care of it, or people who generally have bigger knowledge about such things. You saw it... we couldn't do anything and... I know that Scarlet will be ok but if that thing was to kill him or any of us... just like that and the end...' she said with a bit shaking voice. 'You probably think that I'm a coward for saying this. We're ninjas after all.'

Midnight looked at her in silence for a moment. 'No. retreating when you know that you don't stand a chance is not cowardly but wise move. Go back, rethink, get help. Beside, you was very brave today.' he turned face to window again. 'And... sorry.'

'Sorry for what?' girl asked, surprised, staring at him.

'Well... for that kiss...'

Azure blinked at him few times. 'Why are you sorry for that?...' she blushed a little for a fresh memory of that first kiss. 'I mean, it was so sudden and all- and bit shocking in such moment. But no need to sorry for anything!' she smiled, feeling how her cheeks get warmer under the stare of the boy. 'And you look so cute with a blush, Nighty.' she giggled when he tried to cover face turning to window.

Azure came closer to him, stood on toes and put hand on his cheek, turning him back to her. 'I owe you something.' she said and kissed him softly, feeling warmness spreading in her body when his lips moved against her's, so gently and slow. Her heart fluttered in chest when his arms embraced her carefully.

When they parted from a kiss a moment later, with shy smiles and hazed eyes, Midnight swayed a little, as tiredness struck him again.

'Nighty...' started Azure but got interrupted.

'I know- go to bed.' he nodded with closed eyes, then hugged her tight one more time. 'Good night, Azure.'

'Get good rest.' she purred in his arms, enjoying the warmth of his body, before he went to his bedroom.

Azure checked on sleeping Scarlet one more time, then curled on her own bed, all smiling and with heart still bumping wild.

When Azure opened door to Scarlet's room the next morning, he was sitting on bed already- hair in total mess, dark circles under eyes and pale skin- all this going somehow well with murder written all over his face.

'Oh, you are awake! How are you feeling?

'Like a Sunday morning.' he growled and Azure sighted, sitting next to him on bed and putting hand on his forehead. 'I swear I will find a way to burn down every single particle of that demon wannabe to bloody ashes. Unless you two got rid of of him already? he asked.

'Well, no... Like you said, we couldn't do much against it so-'

'Mountain.' Scarlet interrupted. 'It's the source of that phantom. Find seal and break it.'

Azure blinked, opening mouth. 'How are you so sure about it? What if someone is summoning that thing? You only saw some light there...' she frowned.

'Chakra. I saw source of chakra.' corrected boy. 'And in the moment that cursed ghost got me- I saw it different... like if the chakra of it mixed with my own. I can't explain but i saw it, ughhh...' he massaged sides of head, making Azure put hands glowing with healing chakra on his temples. 'Thanks, I have terrible headache. Anyway- there's some kind of seal there and this thing comes out of it. I think we just need to destroy it.'

'Or it's just some dream you had while being unconscious.' Midnight stood in open door, arms crossed.

'Or we can as well try to find it?' Scarlet cussed his miserable state in that moment, as he didn't have enough strength to even argue with him.

'I won't risk anyone of us getting hurt again just because you think you saw something.' Midnight responded with ice-cold tone.

'It won't attack again now.' Scarlet picked up a cup of tea offered by Azure and took a sip.

'Well, people here said that even recently there was always at least few days between the times they saw that shadow.' Azure added, looking at Midnight, then at Scarlet again. 'if there's a chance we could make it today, maybe it's worth a try?'

'Listen to your girlfriend, Midnighty. She's a smart girl.' Scarlet took another sip.

Midnight opened and closed mouth looking at Azure, who was sitting there blushing, then at Scarlet who gestured at girl, drinking his tea.

'Ok, fine...' he finally said, with tone of defeat, pinching bridge of nose. 'In case of troubles, we will just throw Scarlet as a meal for that demon.

'Ahh, yes- I would love some breakfast~~' fire ninja sighed. 'And two more weeks of sleep.'

'I give you two hours. It's your idea after all, so go and try to be alive enough to help. See you later.' Midnight left room, closing door behind him.

'Love you too.' Scarlet threw after him then turned to Azure. 'Speaking of which- I don't get what you like in this dude but ok... How's it going?' he asked but didn't wait for a reply from embarrassed girl. 'Just sayin' that if he ever dare to hurt you- I'm here to make a kebab out of his pale *.'

'No, no!' Azure protested. 'He's really a nice and gentle person, you know...'

'He better be then.' Scarlet snorted. 'And ok, let's get ready!'


'Well, it looks rather solid... How are you planning to get inside?' Azure asked when 2 hours later they stood near the wall of rocks over the lake.

Scarlet, wrapped in blanket as he was feeling cold and still so weak, put hand on the place he saw the light last time. 'There's gotta be some hidden entrance somewhere around here...'

'Maybe on other side? Or on top of that cliff?' Azure kept on throwing suggestions as she was checking everything, looking around for any clues. Then she noticed large scratches on rock- looking like marks left by a big animal. 'Guys, look! It's big enough for a bear so maybe it's a clue?'

Midnight checked lines carved there and rocks on both sides of it- until he traced a thin markings, barely visible, forming shapes of seal on the part of wall.

All 3 of them were staring at this new discover, wondering what to do next.

'If that demon hunt for chakra, then maybe you got to use some to open it?' suggested Scarlet, looking at Midnight, who frowned at first but then put hand on carvings and focused chakra in his palm. To their surprise markings gloved with light for a moment.

'Haha! I'm a freakin' genius!' Scarlet laughed when part of the wall in front of them started to crack and crush into pile of rocks, showing entrance to a small cave, filled with pale light.

They walked in slowly, carefully watching for any signs of traps or other danger. In the center of cave, they noticed a stalagmite with a disk-like crystal object balanced on top of it. it was the size of a hand, with symbols forming a seal carved on it's surface. that disc was the source of glow filling up the space.

'And here is our seal.' Scarlet wrapped himself tighter in blanket and yawned. 'Check if we just take or cru*, so I can go back to bed...'

When Azure tried to poke it with the tip of her knife, a voice behind them made them all turn around.

'Don't touch what's not yours, lass.'

Voice belonged to a young man, whom Midnight recognized as one of residents they were talking with.

'So you found out my precious creation. Which doesn't change your place in my plans anyway.' man laughed with rather sinister tone .

'So... someone is actually controlling that thing... GOOD.' Scarlet gave a man the killing gaze. 'At least there's some physical ass I can kick in revenge!' he grinned and picked up his kunai.

Man laughed in response. 'You really think you can fight me?' and as he spoke, the disc glowed stronger, with light and energy coming out of it in a form of waves.

'What for you are doing all of this?' Azure asked, giving a fast side glance to Midnight, who did the same and with barely noticeable move shifted hand on katana, ready to draw it. 'What for calling for help from Konoha? What is that thing anyway...'

'You see, lass- this is my masterpiece and it will be the greatest weapon! People of all the nations will be fighting over it and pay lovely amounts of money to put hands on that power. but, sadly- it's not yet finished. For that I need a very good source of chakra and well... the 3 of you will be feeding my dear baby until that time will come!' he clapped hands, with expression of a child awaiting his x-mas gifts. 'And so- if you going to be good kids now and obey I will not hurt you. I will keep you locked in safety, so I can harvest your chakra in peace and work on my marvelous creation.'

Scarlet snorted hearing that but Azure was already feeling the sickening energy coming out of the crystal. If he would call the shadow now they might not be able to escape...

'AHHH! I'm so tired of this whole mission!' Scarlet groaned out of sudden, making Azure and midnight stare at him. 'i just wanna wrap myself in blankie, in a cozy bed or take a lovely bath, without worrying about cursed rocks and some bloody amateurs thinking they're gods, at every corner, GEEEEEZ!' he made an over dramatic gesture, while Azure and Midnight exchanged looks and short nods.

Suddenly, with a fast move, Scarlet jumped toward the man and tossed blanket at his head. before he could take it off, Azure formed few hand seals and a stream of water punched the man, making him fall on ground, cussing when Scarlet rolled him over, immobilized his hands and sit on his back. When he started to protest and yell aloud for him to get off- Scarlet put a foot on his head, pressing him hard to the cold rocks.

'Hush now. You really don't want to make my headache worse.' Fire nin turned to team 'Nice one, Azure! Glad you took the hint, hehe.'

"YOU REALLY THINK YOU DEFEATED ME?? man yelled and energy from the disc thickened. But then Midnight made his move- he closed eyes for a moment, then with a deadly speed turned and slashed few times through the crystal, leaving the trails of sparkling light behind the blade.

Disc remained still for a few seconds until a single cut appeared on it's surface and in next second it cracked into few pieces, losing all it's glow and stopping waves of energy- while the man tackled on the ground started yelling curses on them again, making Scarlet push the foot harder.

'Sharp work, samurai.' Scarlet smirked at Midnight. 'But you know, we could have get rich with that thing.' he wiggled brows at him and Azure.

'Yeah, well... who wouldn't want something so powerful I guess. Although, if it was so easy to find and break, then I don't think it would be worth it.' Midnight shrugged. 'And even if- imagine that thing getting into hands of someone more powerful and evil that this silly villain wannabe here. 'he rose brow at a man on ground, who got all red from frustration. 'Let's get this guy and go out of here. I have enough of this place.' Midnight ordered, hiding blade.


They arrived back at Konoha the next day (because Scarlet refused to travel before getting few more hours of sleep and Midnight and Azure agreed, at least having some time to spend with each other in peace, over the beautiful lake, for the overwhelming happiness of the girl). After giving out reports they parted to their homes, Scarlet complaining that he don't get payed enough for missions like this, when he mus risk his precious life- only to get reminded that it was his own wish to join a team for it.

Breeze was waving crazily at Azure and hugged her tightly, pinching her cheeks. 'Ohohoho I saw that cute embrace and kiss when you two left Captains place! Go on, tell big sis how's it going!! You look so lovely together, oh my gosh, hahaha!

'Hey, slow down and you're squashing me!' Azure laughed.

'So, so- did you do what I told you? See, my advice always work!' Breeze clapped hands happily.

'Well... not really. He did... I mean, kind of...'

Breeze stared at her with open mouth. 'Girl, we're getting tea and loads of sweets and you so gonna tell me EVERYTHING!'


That's all for this fic, luvs! Stay tuned for other works- I'm also open for suggestions about themes for those. Cheers!

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Now let's back to read

I will have to continue reading it later cuz of work

*I'm back*

"'Listen to your girlfriend, Midnighty. She's a smart girl.' Scarlet took another sip."

Me: Aaaaaaa

Awesome story


Great job girl

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  • Yeah

    Now let's back to read

    I will have to continue reading it later cuz of work

    *I'm back*

    "'Listen to your girlfriend, Midnighty. She's a smart girl.' Scarlet took another sip."

    Me: Aaaaaaa

    Awesome story


    Great job girl

Hahaha that first reaction gif xD

And thankies, glad you like it

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Haha, I like this.

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Cool story Tiami ^^

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  • Ooh.

    Haha, I like this.

I'm glad you do

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  • Cool story Tiami ^^


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  • Hahaha that first reaction gif xD

    And thankies, glad you like it

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