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[ Lineup ] Which Tsunade is better


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Hokage Tsunade or Sannin war Tsunade with breakthroughs; which one is better to use?

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To be honest, I almost never use her. I only ever use Hokage Tsunade in my Ranked team for the reasons on why she is good in 3v3 places like GNW.

You're best off just using Sannin War Breakthrough Tsunade as basically any other version is not worth the price. Healing lineups are just not as powerful as they once were.

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in 3vs3 better hokage.

in 1vs1 there's not even a comparison, sannin war with breaktroughs outclasses her 20 times.

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Hokage Tsunade is better imo for how much more she heals compared to Sannin War variant.

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