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[ Events ] Additional Event - January 28th


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Dear Ninja,

We have received some feedback concerning this week’s events. To try to meet a more abroad number of players' requests on getting more rewards and Ninja, we decided to grab all of your feedback and bring new event on time for this week.

1. "Ino Flower" added. Ino loves Fresh Flowers, get rewards by sending fresh flowers to Ino!

Period: January 28th - January 31st

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.


a) Sweeping Plot/Elite Instances will reward you with Fresh Flowers. Recharging 50 Ingots will reward you with Fresh Flower*1. Gifting Ino Fresh Flowers will reward players with Coins.

b) After the event has ended, you will be rewarded according to the Ranking which is based on the amount of Fresh Flowers sent. Fresh Flowers can only be sent until January 31st, the final ranking will be displayed for 4 days.

c) Players who want to be part of ranking needs to gift 300 Flowers at least.

d) 1st prize: Red Quick Chakara


2nd and 3rd: Purification Breakthrough Pill*3; Level 6 Magatama Pack*1

4th to 6th: Purification Breakthrough Pill*2; Level 6 Magatama Pack*1

7th to 10th: Level 5 Magatama Pack*1; Advanced-Level Refine Rune*8

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is NOT cross-server based event. There will be first place for each server that meets requirements.

Best Regards,

Naruto Online Team

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