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Root Warrior Useless


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If the light main is useless just take a look at wind main's passives. All of them despite that life - chakra gaining combo is unsuitable nowadays.

Basically a 5 kage madara will render her completely ineffective.

Little addition : Wind main' s passive that boosts ninjutsu and resistance works for your ninjas that are in line not in column as is wrongly stated. This error was since 4.0 and never corrected.

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  • Garv On 2019-01-26 23:00:35
  • hmmm1

    as you can see is the column. it's stated correctly.

    @OP: root of warrior gives not only immunity to debuffs for 2 rounds but also +100% boost to resistance.

    every mystery/standard attack/chase that removes buffs and that also lands damage first delivers the damage and after removes the buffs (so before the buff is removed you actually get damaged less hard thanks to root of warrior).

    that said, you are always able to move faster and interrupt the enemy sand dust/han/madara 5ks mystery (for example in the lineup i showed before, it's enough kisame moves faster than the enemy and wind dance stays, untouched.

    if you problem are naruto six paths/edo roshi, then yes, lightning main is not the best main to counter them (even if you may always run sasuke rinne sharingan, itachi susano'o, shisui. very hard to beat if you use MB as main, the same is ay 4th full skillbroken with samui and darui, still with MB).

I think it depends on the perspective. For me looks like a straight line lol.

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  • Garv On 2019-01-27 11:52:23
  • saaa

    when they talk about lines and columns in the description of the effects they mean by looking at the 9 tiles grid.

    in the case of my breeze dancer, if the effect talked about 'line' would have interested the eventual 3 ninjas placed in position 9,6,3 (blue framed ones in the picture), if talked about 'column' would have interested the eventual 3 placed in position 7, 8, 9 (orange framed ones in the picture).

Yes. I understand now thank you. By my side of view is a column but as oponent side of you could be a line. Anyway seeing it as a matrix from my view by position of ninjas (those numbers you showed) make things clear indeed.

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  • żółw On 2019-01-28 06:47:05
  • Edo Hanzo clears debuffs from "vertical line", not "column" :D

    Asuma WB attacks "front row".

    Itachi Susano'o attacks "front column".

    Lee[Gate of Joy], Jiraiya[Young Adult] also attack "front row".

    Wish the wording was consistent... Can confuse some people.

That was my point.. Vertical or orizontal "line" seems more covenient than row or column as those two depends on the view or perspective

They basically change the perspective of the matrix by the view they are watching it ( you or oponent) and so the " row" and " column" wording for different ninjas meaning basically same thing but viewing it by positions as Garv mentioned could clarify things up. So 1 2 3 in a logical manner should reffer to as column.

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