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the ADLDIC summary filler


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ok so i earnestly cant remember if we already posted this or not but whatever

so uhhh it's officially been more than two weeks since we've released an episode

so uhhhhhhhhh here's some filler. for those of you who have no idea what we're doing, this is the one and only naruto online let's play out there that's based on the plot, and not the, like, pvp stuff. its only a very loose lets play, but whatever

read it here:

i dare you to coordinate each episode with the naruto plot lol... can you do it? shouldnt be hard


1: Local man who isn’t buff pretends to be buff.

2: Buff guy talks to old guy and beats up little kid.

3: Why does a 12-year old have fangirls?

4: White wolves are stronger than black wolves. First dab joke.

5: Creepy teacher shoves fingers up underage boy’s rear end.

6: Creepy teacher shoves fingers up PETA’s rear end.

7: Security guard pulls over Leaf ninjas smuggling weed.

8: Cool samurai sell six ShamWows for the price of one.

9: Trap gets high and screws up sword man’s entire plan.

10: Wanna buy bugs? Canadian beats up emo.

11: Dosu and friends beat up some nerd. DIC’s first death.

12: Two smug bois deny fanservice to everyone.

13: Chronic smokers and danger noodle man impersonate main character.

14: Everyone tries to kill Dosu. Dosu survives.

15: Random x.xMihai cameo. EYE see how it is Dosu.

16: Hinata and Neji play Bakugan Brawl together.

17: Constipated tigers, bugs and danger noodles frolic in the Forest.

18: Newest user: “no u”. Shino sells bugs to Zaku.

19: Random Qv cameo. Lots of flashbacks. Introducing generic Love Interest!

19.5: Random bonus episode full of explosions.

19.75: This didn’t win the contest it was submitted for.

20: Danger noodle boi returns. Weird tournament shenanigans. Napkins.

21: Inappropriate touching. Bad fanfiction. Generic mooks.

22: Rescuing smug bois. Hayate kills Baki, except he really doesn’t.

23: Idontcare becomes an official hero before beating Gaara.

24: Golden Magic Monkey’s debut. Talk Jutsu kills Hashirama and Tobirama.

25: ADLDICLPNO gets famous. Generic Suna Nin revenges Baki.

26: Creepy teacher shoves fingers up other senseis’ rear ends.

27: Danger Noodles. Little kids. Generic Kiri girl in a kimono.

28: Spiderman looks up tsundere’s skirt only to find leggings.

29: Smoker and m@ss murderer argue over who’s more villainous.

30 (a teaser for next ep.): Itachi makes Idontcare dream about girls kissing.

enjoy lol

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  • Tiami On 2019-01-24 05:41:42
  • 28: Spiderman looks up tsundere’s skirt only to find leggings.

    It's not the worst he could find there at least

    Looking forward for new episode- keep on working hard, guys

haha... i think we already reached our trap quota on this series

too bad haku's indefiinitely sitting on the lineup bench and doicare isn't ever gonna swap mains to scarlet...

thank you!! this week of academia has been rough on us ^^

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