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[ Fanfiction ] Waves. Part 2 (Midnight x Azure story)


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Part 2 of this story- and hold on tight 'cause it's looong. It happened to gain some more plot here and there (share your thoughts and opinions!) And there will be part 3. Fanart goes along with this part- check bottom of post.

For part 1 check here:

For a comic adaptation of this story that is yet in production, check here: <3

And here you can find my Wattpad and ko fi

Enjoy reading and cheers luvs

EDIT: add color version of fanart done by Akuma~~


The next day, Azure woke up very early- she was excited to go for a mission with her crush. And nervous too. What if she will fail at something? What if she will only be a burden there, not really a help?

She stood in front of the mirror and pouted at reflection. 'No, girl. You gotta do your best!' she decided, mimicking gesture that Crimson was always doing to cheer them to fight.

Azure found Midnight waiting near the village's gates. Together with Scarlet.

'Hi guys!' she welcomed them with disoriented gaze placed on dark haired boy. 'Uhm... you're going with us, Scar?'

'Yep. I was jobless for today, so asked Captain if i can join some of teams send for the missions. Unfortunately got in one with Mr. Grumpy.' he patted arm of other boy, who s* his hand off immediately.

'Good morning, Azure.' Midnight greeted girl with a short gaze at her.

'Yeah, I'm also glad that you are here too, Azure-chan' chirped Scarlet. 'You will save me from the sad fate of few hours in cold silence of this guy, geezzzz, hahahha!'

Girl looked at Midnight. He was already irritated and they didn't even left Konoha yet. "I have a bad feeling about this mission..." she thought, then sighed.

Midnight took out scroll with mission's details and pointed at simplified map drawn on it.

'Small lake, surrounded by mountains from one side and forest from other. Low number of residents- people living there are mostly botanists- taking care of rare and valuable herbs growing there.' he run finger lower on text and continued. 'Recently there's reports from them about attacks from unknown person- or persons- collected evidences and testimony suggests a ninja. In past two weeks number of incidents rose up and few of residents got very serious injuries.' he stopped for a moment and frowned. 'There are also reports about "unidentified force" and bear-shaped animal showing up always just after attacks.'

'Sounds like fun.' Scarlet stretched arms and yawned widely. 'So, we're not sure what we have to fight with? Awesome.'

'That's our job- to investigate. Find out who's responsible for this- report to village or take him down on our own.' said Midnight, hiding scroll.

Azure, who didn't want to interrupt him earlier, now finally spoke out.

'I know that place a little. Those herbs are being used in medicine too, so I visited that place with my sensei few times. it's not far from here.'

'Ok, so you can tell us everything you know about that location while we run there. Maybe we c*e some of information.'

Azure smiled at him, all happy that she might prove herself being useful. Boy responded with short smile, making her blush a little bit.

'Let's go now.' ordered Midnight and rushed forward, followed by two others.

Azure told them everything she could remember from her trips- also about kind of legend she heard there.

'People who lived here in past were believing that mountain is a home of demon and awaking him would bring death to them. So they avoided even building houses near it.

"Story for misbehaving kids to keep them away from climbing it?' suggested Midnight.

'Yeah, most likely. You know how people like such stories.' Azure jumped over the bushes- they were slowly getting close to destination- reflections of sunlight, dancing on the surface of the lake, were already visible in between trees.

'That got me thinking...' started Scarlet.

'Really? Impressive from you.' Midnight smirked, interrupting him and Azure chuckled seeing face of Scarlet.

'Mr. Grumpy joking around... oh my, end of the world is close.' he responded with sour tone of voice. 'Anyway- what if our target is just someone pretending to be such "demon" to scare people out of place?'

'Possible. And good point, I agree.' said Midnight.

'You... agree with ME??' Scarlet made shocked face and turned to Azure. 'Can you like, check him up or something? I think he's seriously ill...'

'Shut it, shorty.'

'Ah, no. All fine. False alarm.' Scarlet smirked at the back of other boy.

Azure jumped forward to line up with Midnight. She was afraid he will lose nerves because of Scarlet again but he seemed all calm and focused.

'And here we are.' she pointed to the left, where they could see wooden houses, hidden between trees. Further in front of them was spreading a beautiful landscape of a lake and meadow, soaked in sunlight, with a wall of solid rocks flanking the valley from the West and North side.

Scarlet whistled, when they stopped near the houses, at the border of the forest.

'Look at that. Perfect place for holidays.'

'We're at work here. So get moving.' Midnight cut in and walked to the nearest house, greeted by one of residents.

While they were explaining situation to the ninjas, one of them mumbled silently, something about Konoha sending them kids for help. Scarlet already opened mouth to drop some stingy comment about bunch of adults not being able to solve it on their own, but Midnight grabbed his jacket and pulled back, stopping him from this.

'Please rest assured that while we're young- every one of us is well trained member of elite ninja squad.' he said to group of people, making them quiet. 'Leave this work for us.'

And as everyone finally decided to trust them, they showed all the places where incidents took place.

'I was one of victims of him.' one of men was telling them his story. 'It was getting late and I was still near the lake, ending work for the day. Then, without a single sound, a figure of a man, like a ghost or shadow, appeared nearby. he was wearing a kind of hood but really hard to tell any details- not only it was dark but it's like... like if memories of him vanished... He threw few kunai my way- but all missed. i think it were kunai but all that was left were cut marks on trees and rocks. I yelled, asking who he is and then he jumped to me...' Eyes of the man turned darker for a moment of silence, then he continued, with more pale face. 'it was like sudden thick darkness. Like falling into depths of the lake at night. And I could feel how the energy leaves my body, until I couldn't move anymore. I've heard a calling from distance and darkness backed out. When i opened eyes again I could see a giant shadow one the lake's shore- at first i thought it's a bear but... really not sure about it.'

Young ninjas listened to stories of all the victims. All of those were showing a pattern. And, although there was no lethal cases, few of them were left barely alive after encounters with assailant.

All three went out, to investigate area around the lake- where all of incidents happened.

Azure looked at Midnight, who was busy checking blade marks on trees. She knew very well that they were here at work and all, but she also wanted to talk with him so much. Not about all this here. But about... them.

'Hey, Azure?' Midnight asked out of sudden, making her jump a little in place.

'Y-yes?' she stuttered, surprised.

'What you think about all this? Any idea of what is happening here?'

'Uhm... well...' she was trying to form any answer but her mind was filled with other sort of things right now, making it a bit difficult. 'Well, I'm not sure...'

'It could have been some kind of genjutsu, ya know.' Scarlet cut in. 'That would match with version of this person being a ninja.'

Azure looked down on grass, not wanting to interrupt him, since she couldn't add anything smart anyway. "Way to go, girl... You're really kinda useless right now...' she thought.

While boys were discussing possible reasons for those attacks, she walked closer to the lake. Azure loved swimming and this water looked so charmingly clean and nice. And when she started to think it wouldn't hurt anyone if she took some time off for this, she suddenly noticed weird waves appearing on the surface of water- spreading from the point on shore, on other side of lake. But there was nothing that could cause them. At least- nothing visible.

'Guys...come here!'

'I see nothing there but stay focused.' midnight stood next to her, placing hand on katana.

Scarlet was looking all over the surface of lake and shore, trying to catch any signs of chakra or presence of anyone. then he noticed something.

'Guys, mountain- do you see it?' he pointed at wall of rocks.

'Not really...' Midnight squinted eyes.

'Well, that doesn't surprise me, Mr. I-Don't-Need-Glasses.' scorned Scarlet. 'Look carefully at the spot on rocks exactly above the that point on lake where waves starts.' he gestured at mountain. 'See that glow over there?' the he blinked and laughed shortly. 'Okay, never mind. I forgot you two can't see chakra like this. '

Midnight sighed, irritated.

'There's something inside the mountain. And it's filled with chakra. Very weird chakra.' continued Scarlet and walked toward that point. 'We have to find out what it is.'

Others followed him but when they got closer, sudden move on their left made them stop and switch to battle stances.

'Looks like we found our target...' Azure's voice was shaking a bit, as she rose her knife, readying for possible fight.

In front of them appeared the shadowy figure of a man, covered in dark cloak with wide hood.

'Who are you and what you want from us?' Midnight shouted.

Man remain silent. He did a step toward them and they could feel sudden wave of unknown energy coming from his side and making the grass also move in waves.

'Guys...' started Scarlet and tone of his voice made them look back at him for a moment. 'i don't have idea what it is... but for sure not a human. It don't even ha-'

He couldn't finish, when the dark figure of opponent rose in front of him in a blink of an eye and reached hand for him. Scarlet *ed in a cloud of smoke and in same moment, Midnight rushed toward enemy, unsheathing katana. he swung blade, covered in sparks at him but it went just right through his body, without even leaving a scratch.

Boy shifted position in place and cut from other side, aiming for hood. This time his blade got stopped, completely effortless by a hand of stranger.

'Not to worry you guys but...' Scarlet appeared again, near Azure. 'I don't think we can fight thin thing like this.'

'What you mean?' asked Midnight and jumped back, avoiding hit from opponent.

'It doesn't even has a body... not real one- it's made entirely of some weird, crazy chakra.'

'Then how we-' started Azure but then she noticed the shadow appearing right behind Scarlet, with deadly speed. She couldn't even yell out to boy when he wrapped arms around the boy.

Eyes of Scarlet, at first opened wide from surprise attack, turned empty as he fell on knees and then on ground, when opponent released his body.

'SCARLET!! Azure yelled, forming seals but before she could even attack, a wave of energy coming from the enemy, this time much stronger, pushed her back, almost making her fall.

In same time, Midnight created two clones and rushed at the man but again without bigger success.

Azure knelt down near unconscious Scarlet, placing hands glowing with healing chakra on his head and chest. While Midnight was still trying to attack with everything he could think of, from the other side came running few of of the residents.

'Please take him out of here!' ordered them Azure and stood up to join Midnight, who rose katana again, ready to attack.

'Seems that Scarlet was right. Nothing works on this thing.' he said, panting.

'It was usually going away after the attacks from what these people were saying.' Azure frowned. 'Maybe if we just let it go and take time to think what to do with it...'

And before she could finish, the enemy stopped like frozen and started to vanish... just for another, much bigger one to appear.

Azure looked up at a giant shadow-like animal, standing on hind legs, just a step away from her. Energy, that seemed to be pulsing around it, was giving her shivers. It was wild and dangerous. And she couldn't help but stare into it's eyes, like a bottomless holes in the evening sky.

'AZURE! STEP BACK!' yelled Midnight, seeing as the shadow rises it's giant, deadly looking claw at girl, standing there without a move. He didn't wait and jumped toward her.

Azure got awaken from a dream-like state by a strong hit, when boy pushed her away, just in time when demon bear swung his enormous paw and scratched him before Midnight managed to jump away.

His forehead protector fell on grass and a thin stream of blood flew down the side of his head. Midnight cursed under breath. He was feeling dizzy and stood there on shaking legs. It was clear that even the slightest touch of that creature was taking out chakra from the body- more so, even being too close to him had the same sickening effect.

Azure s* off the numbness in her body and run to Midnight, forming seals. She needed something big. Something that could create them a cover and chance to run away. there was no way for them to fight with this thing...

She focused all she had on water from the lake, forming giant wave and aimed it at creature, which was already preparing for another attack when Midnight fell on knees, unable to dodge it.

Wave of energy coming from the beast pushed part of the water on the boy, soaking him completely wet. yet it couldn't reflect whole that mass of water and shadow stepped back when the wave got to him with a loud splash.

'STAY AWAY!' Azure shouted, standing in front of Midnight- short blade rose up again, ready to defend boy from another attack.

Boy looked up on her. He could see her face from the side but her eyes were like burning with some inner force, as she stood tall, not shaking even a bit anymore, against the enormous opponent, that could kill her with a single hit.

'STAY BACK!!' she yelled again, when beast regained focus on them.

Midnight tried to get up, to get her out of the line of attack but his body was still so heavy and he couldn't focus any chakra in it.

Azure wasn't sure if they had a chance to escape- from what she saw earlier, it was able to move way too fast to even see it. But as she was preparing for throwing another wave at him, to at least make a small opening, the beast stopped moving. Then slowly turned away and started to shrink, turning into form of a man again. Who then vanished completely within a short moment.

'W-what just happened...' she blinked. She turned to the boy. 'midnight! Are you ok?...' she knelt next to him, panicking a little seeing blood on his hair and face. 'Oh my gosh, you're bleeding badly, let me heal this!' she rose hand up to his head but he grabbed her by elbow, stopping it.


'What is it? Are you hurt anywhere else? I'm so sorry, I couldn't do much... I didn't even know what to do...' she cried out with tears appearing in corner of her eyes.

Midnight pulled her closer. Water dripping from his hair was falling on her hands. Their noses almost touching when he was looking straight into her deep-blue eyes.

'Thank you.' he whispered.

Azure was imaging many times how will her first kiss be like. And when it happened now, when this boy's lips touched her's so gently and carefully, her heart simply forgot it supposed to be beating. For this short moment she didn't even know why they were here.

Then she took a deep breath and looked into his eyes, still locked on her face. She smiled at him, blushing. All that storm inside her had to wait.

'let's get out of here, ok?' she finally said, seeing how tired and messed up Midnight looked like- all wet and shivering, half-lidded eyes having difficulties to focus on her anymore. he just nodded and let her help him to stand up.

Few of residents run up to them, helping to get to the houses. Azure looked back at the lake and mountain, frowning.

Whatever cursed creature it was, there was no way that they could win with it... be continued...

Bonus + colored version, thanks to our great Akuma



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nice art, that's all I can say

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"'That got me thinking...' started Scarlet.

'Really? Impressive from you.' Midnight smirked, interrupting him and Azure chuckled seeing face of Scarlet."


"Azure was imaging many times how will her first kiss be like. And when it happened now, when this boy's lips touched her's so gently and carefully, her heart simply forgot it supposed to be beating. For this short moment she didn't even know why they were here."

They finally kissed

Did it look like this?


or this one?


About "the bonus":

You know what I wanna ask you about

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Like this 3

And yes, you can I will color it too, probably when i will finish whole this story.

Part 3 will be last. At least for now.

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  • nice art, that's all I can say

Thank you

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I feel Honoured

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I can't wait for the continuation

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  • MiwaSatori On 2019-01-21 16:09:21
  • I can't wait for the continuation

I'm currently on short vacations with family- will work on this in few days. Stay tuned!

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Drat, this is dank.

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You're upholding the legacy pretty greatly.

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  • Drat, this is dank.


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  • You're upholding the legacy pretty greatly.

Thankies, I'm so glad to hear that!

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