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[ Help ] Sasuke susanoo mystery [cn version]


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Is there anyone that plays on CN and can confirm whether sasuke susanoo's mystery (doesnt matter if with books or not) is possibly going to be changed in our version? Right now the way it works it has a fixed chance of causing critical hit (75%), which deals 1.5x base damage. In other words, it doesnt scale with injury, thats why his damage is so low (buffed/unbuffed) in comparison to the same setup but with different ninjas. Because of this, he caps his damage really soon in the game and cant be used properly in higher levels. For those who dont know, majority of damage at higher power range comes not from base stats, but from crits.

Tested his damage in the same setups lm(leech), chiriku, itachi anbu for unbuffed version and lm(ltn enhancement) iruka danzo for buffed one: first susanoo, then rinnegan. In all fights the target was the same, with the same set of offensive/defensive buffs. In unbuffed scenario rinnegan did 2x more damage on crit than susanoo, mainly 5300, 5500 vs 10400 and 10800. In buffed scenario: 9200 9800 vs 20k~, the difference was little over x2 (for the sake of comparison, lets say it doesnt matter if its buffed or not).

Because of no scaling with injury, even full skillbooks dont change anything. Even Y mutation that grants scalling on kill requires him to kill at least 7 targets (70% base buff * 1.5modifier on crit) to come close the gap to rinnegan's damage.

So the question is: did this ninja receive any love in CN? Did they remove fixed crit damage part of his mystery?

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Is low if you are facing somebody with lower injury than you or if you use him as move 1. Bit if you face somebody with higher injury than you or if you use him as move 3/4 then is not low.

What I'm saying is: by how much gets your critical damage increased, in comparison with a non crit damage, if you face somebody with 5k+ more injury than you? That passive effect grants that when you crit you land +50% damage even against the move 1 of that guy.

So what is his place in our current setups? A quite nice move 3 or 4 ninja that doesn't get nullified by edo hiruzen, shark bomb, naruto six paths standards or angel konan. He is a good move 1 ninja only in new servers.

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susanoo sasuke is(?)/was often used to counter angel konan and edo hiruzen in gnw because he's totally immune to pure nin damage. he wasnt (and still isnt) used that commonly outside of gnw.

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