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[IMPORTANT] % Tactics implementation is considered


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I wonder why they call it %tactics if this feature has nothing to do with tactics.

Personally speaking i would not be against a similar feature IF INTERESTED ONLY DEFENSIVE STATS, because would make p3netrations really useful (if they worked as intended), but i am strongly against this feature if we talk about the ATK and NIN multiplier side of it.

If they implement a boost of 10/20/30/40% of defense and resistance, while fixing p3netrations effects, then the feature would be fine and i would welcome it.

If they implement also the same kind of boost to attack and ninjutsu then the feature is not fine at all and i would be one of the first low/mid casher to quit 1 second after the announcement of its implementation is made official.

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2019-01-11 05:48:56
  • Let's put it this way, everyone didn't want X-Server SWB and Matsuri if I recall. However, Oasis already had it it ready to go and was hoping that the players would be OK with it. They were wrong, so they only held off on it for a month then released it anyways. A poll doesn't do anything.

I was in a dead server at that time. I was not against it at all because made possible for me to get free advanced refinements without the fear to lose gnw packs and coupons from plundering/convoys.

But i was strongly against the fact also not dead servers were compelled to take part in it.

They could easily solve the issue, making everybody happy, by adding a condition that a player would be added to the xserver field only if the server he was in was not able to make start its single server swb.

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  • newgate446@gmai On 2019-01-11 20:10:55
  • I think this feature can come if they can implement the materials needed to increase % is given from in game features based on arena ranking.

    If oasis wants to make even more money (not sure what for because the new Theme arena titles are not even translated properly just copy pasted from german client)

    they will add this feature wheter you like it or not.

Last time they proposed it we didn't like it and they didn't add it.

I don't see what changed.

That said, maybe you didn't understand how it works.

A flat % boost to all the primary stats means that atk and ninjutsu will be the only stats that matter and that initiative will be mandatory for everything.

Why? Because the damage we land depends more or less linearly on atk/nin and goes more or less with the square root of defense/resistance.

The very very basic formula is something like A*D^0.5.

So what happens if both A and D gets a boost of 50%? That the damage you suffer, by fighting a copy of yourself, is 22% higher.

And if the boost is 150%?

That the damage you suffer is 60% higher.

Did you get it now?

And this is a problem not only for f2p and low powers.


Whale vs whale, same power, same level of tactics%. One slightly faster.

Result: right now the battle goes to round 5+ and maybe who is slower may win thanks to supports and better skill. After this is implemented the faster one wins round 1/2 regardless everything else.

No defense, no support, no cc, no shield works.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2019-01-11 18:37:45
  • So, you don't wanna end 6path meta with 1 turn Hiruzen meta?

And you want that an hiruzen with 1 single point of initiative higher than your hiruzen flat out nukes you even if you have the same power with no hopes to try to run other lineups to hope to beat it because nothing else works?

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