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[IMPORTANT] % Tactics implementation is considered


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Hello community. Around a year ago we were presented with the options of adding percentage tactics, yet with our *ulative effort we managed to reject this feature. Or as it turns out, the feature might just have been postponed. Today on discord Tobei added a link to google form which ask us some basic questions, as well as if we want to get this feature implemented. As you may see, he specifically adds that this feature was rejected before, let that be a hint for future read. Some of you know what this feature does and for those who don't- it's not just a new, ordinary power feature. Currently all of the power features (except charms, but they arent even remotely close in scaling to what tactics do) simply add stats to you ninja, so the ammount they get isnt that noticeable. % tactics however are different. They dont add a flat value, rather than that they multiply it. This feature gets increasingly more powerful, impactful and unfair the more you invest in it. And we all know who can invest the most.

Because its multiplicative value, it benefits players who are already high BP(higher stats) more, than those who have lower bp (lower stats).

Quick example (values are made up, just to make you notice how huge the difference is):

Player A has 25k attack and gets 50% bonus. He ends up with 37.5k attack

Player B has 10k attack and gets 50% bonus. He ends up with 15k attack.

The difference between those two players went from 15k attack to 22.5k. You might as well assume, that because player A recharge alot and player B is just a small spender, player B propably wont even reach 50% boost. Which makes that difference even bigger.

You know what happens when you see fully stacked edo hiruzen in SWB- if you are slightly lower power than him, you start with 30% of your initial hitpoints. Now with such power boost from tactics, you die. Simple as that, ninja that moves first, wins. If currently you have (almost) even match versus someone, and that someone ends up having better tactics page, you will not have even fight anymore.

This is general look of how this works. This feature doesn't benefit FTP players, small and medium spenders. It only benefits heavy spenders, as long as they move first. And those already have no competition, it just makes the game harder for everybody else for no reason. Doesn't matter if you play on old or new server, this feature scales too hard for vast majority of playerbase. This might be a slight exaggeration on my side, but please consider this. Ask questions, surely players that had seen this system in action will give you more detailed info. From my point of view: you all know how we as the community like new content. This content was rejected for a good reason before. Please, vote against this.

Ps. If anyone from CN or DE version has access to math related to % tactics, please add detailed description in the comments.

link to google form:

link to discord post:

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  • If Oasis are asking for opinions about an update that the players rejected before, they should make a poll, not a survey. That is if they plan to be completely honest with us about the result.

Well, google form has a lot of other things inside, looks like general survey about state of the game. It's not just a yes/no for tactic.I dont really know why survey with something as impactful hasnt been officially posted here yet (5h between discord post and this one). And at this moment I have to believe they are asking for an opinion and wont fix the results, otherwise why even post such a thing in the first place. It backfired hard earlier. I think the general disappointment with cross swb implementation taught them a lesson, so hopefully this survey is in good faith.

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If you face someone that 1shots you it makes no difference, agreed. But it makes so every single matchup more or less looks like this. Scarlettblue gave a good example.


At that point Kakuzu starts doing that, thats not a solution, it's making a broken game even more broken, because you stack broken ninja on top of a broken system ;)


No meaningful power function in the game is limited only to the things you can obtain from daily events. It's obvious items for %tactics would be available for cp/ingots if, god forbid, this system gets implemented

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