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Today is the last day of this even cycle and I have saved up nearly around 7.5 K coupons I was going I finished my 5K Madara but when I did my calculations it turns out that I need around 9K to finish him which is a lot on the other hand there is the lucky wheel event Where I can finish up my swimsuit to temari and maybe get the outfit so I’m asking for your opinion here what do you think should I go for 5K madara and be close enough to get him the next time or I should go ad finish up my swimsuit temari and maybe get some of the outfit .

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Tbh this one is a toss. Temari is kinda nothing special, but the hana clothing is very good. I would just save up and wait till you can buy out 5 kage. Myb invest in key rebate next week you know, :) Lucky start is kinda garbge these days.

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Just go ahead and get 5K Madara even if you won't get him, you'd have awhile to save so you can finish him hopefully by the next cycle and he'll probably do you more good than the Temari.

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If i would highlight the word saved up cps i would say that to get that amount you will need fairly 5-7 weeks to get that by normally so if you are not in a hurry to get your madara 5k and wait another 8-9 weeks to regain the right amount 9k cps you really need ''as free cps'' then is ofc np as you can regain in it through recharging and other stuff that will let you gain cps/ingots.But if you really need that 5k madara to build up your main team better spend it and in 2 weeks hope you see him again redeemable in events.+I would suggest you to do a spending at least 5k cps so you get a free 2 star yamato anbu :) unless you have him...xD spending and coming up with free stuff is best after all

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How much do you need 5ks madara?

If you really really need him, just get his frags (missions is a good event to recruit ninja for the extra power items you get). If he is just an extra ninja that you may or may not use much then go for hana outfit. Imo don't spent in the wheel for temari only unless you plan to use her in your main team.

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Get the outfit. Temari is good if you are able to let her do the chases. Just not meta. But if is free while getting the outfit...

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