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[ Suggestions ] Ranked battle works incorrectly/unfair (?)


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I am not sure if this should go here, or in the strategy section, but here it is.

Basically Ranked Battles. My problem with it is that it doesn't work like I think it should(?), or it works badly if it works like it should. Specifically the auto attack part, the problem is that, lets take for example an enemy team where Han is second position. So, I have in pos.1 or pos.2 a ninja who can interrupt/immobile/chaos (whatever) such as Itachi Susanoo, Samui, etc. and even in pos.2 I have higher ini. So...the problem is, that all my ninjas who activate their disabling mysteries, shoot for the ninja who is the last one and does a mystery instead of any other ninja who is in order with lower ini in the same or higher position (from 1st pos to 4th (4th being the highest)) than my ninja who is supposed to disable enemy ninja.

For example, enemy has in one lineup, 2nd position, Han. In other lineup the player has in 4th position some other ninja who activates mystery too, as well as Han is activating his too. Meanwhile I have such ninjas like Itachi Susanoo in position 1 in one lineup, and in the other I have something like Samui in either pos 2 or 1 as well, even if she is position 2, and she has higher ini.
The thing is, they both will aim the ninja who is at the very farthest position no matter what, and I can't make in no way to get my ninjas to disable Han.

Please, I consider it a broken mechanism which doesn't work correctly, or doesn't work at all. It should that if I have a ninja who disables mysteries in pos 2, and enemy has ninjas that activating their mysteries in pos 1, pos 2 and 3-4, then my ninja should automatically hit pos 2 (if my ninja ini is higher), or 3-4, and not 4 instead.
If I have a ninja in pos 1, highest ini, and enemy has a ninja in pos 1-2-3-4 in random lineups that are activating mysteries, then my pos 1 ninja should hit enemy 1st pos ninja, if ini is lower, then pos 1 ninja should hit enemy pos 2 ninja, if there is no pos 2 ninja doing anything, or pos 1, then my ninja basically should hit whoever is the next in a sequence of turn.

Hope it was understandable what I mean, because it basically means that no matter how many ninjas, and in what position i place them, they wont ever hit the ninja I need them to hit, and it's unfair, and broken.

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  • For me I think it's fine as it is.

    How you place and set-up your team do count towards activating mysteries.

    It can be strategies on player to have a few ninjas at the backline using Mysteries i.e. Gakido, Jinpachi etc to bait out round 1 interruptions.

    Unless your enemy has only Han activates Mysteries, then your Itachi will chaos him.

    Your interruption would likely auto-aim to least HP ninja, which is at the back where that one has worst equipped items. And that it goes the same "mechanism" as other auto-battle where your pos 1 at Round 2 would likely to aim least HP in the field.

    Round 1 all ninjas have full HP.

    Your enemy, Pos 2 (Team A) and Pos 4 (Team B) are using Mysteries at the same time. Pos 4 (Team B) is more likely to have less HP than Pos 2 at full HP and that's where your Itachi's chaos goes.

    This is only a theory. It could be wrong. You need to check those position HP yourself.

    If you're really confident that your Pos 2 is faster than enemy Pos 2 Han. Get Shaky. :P That's another way to counter removing shield/buff in Ranked Battle.

I have my Itachi on Pos 1, I was just trying to make my point by mentioning other examples to understand what I mean if at the first description it wasn't enough.
I will check the HP next time, but the idea *s that they go for lower HP considering the initial is the main point first, and the fact that automatic attack works in this way too - if enemy launches mystery, and you are 100% either position lower (as if pos 1 vs pos 2, pos 2 being the higher position in my logic), or having higher ini, and in automatic AI actually attacks the mystery launcher rather than lowest HP ninja. AI attacks lowest HP ninja only when enemy doesn't activate a mystery, I am sure of that.

Just in case, I will check that Han's HP against the ninja that all my other ninjas in round 1 mystery launching attacks constantly.

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  • skitza On 2019-01-12 09:50:50
  • dont auto , problem solved

It's a ranked battle...did you read the title? ranked battle is automatic, you can't control it.

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