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[ Lineup ] Reviving Nagato


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  • Shryke On 2019-01-10 17:46:07
  • Mystery +1,+2: hits 9 target in the field (+1), chaos on selected target (+2)

    Mystery y,y+1: gain prompt, damage reduced by 40(y) - 15(y+1) %, removes super armor (y), chaos on selected target (y+1).

    Std +1,+2: high chance of knockdown + chaos (+1), chakra stealing up to 100 (+2)

    Chase1 +1: ignores a certain amount of defence and resistance.

    Chase1 y: increase mystery cd by 1 round. Can only be used once.

    Chase2 +1: 10 combos, hits 4 targets + poison.

    Chase2 y,y+1: 20 combos, hits 3 target + chaos on a random target (y), on 2 random targets (y+2).

    Passive1 +1: before each action in the round... Can be used 2 times each turn.

    Passive1 y: gain a stacking +10% atk / nin for each debuffs cleared.

Quite op with the y trials

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  • Zathroth On 2019-01-08 20:45:05
  • She still needs an external trigger to use mystery (getting hit first in her case). Exactly the same as AGK needs to start chase, water main needs to move, gengetsu needs to trigger 10hit standard, etc.

    What I meant there's not a single ninja in the game that c*e prompt mystery r1 that starts chase sequence other than just high combo RIGHT AWAY on entering the battlefield without any additional conditions. There are plenty of ninjas that c*e such prompt r1 when some additional conditions are met, but not a single one that doesnt require anything to happen beforehand.

In the end, also the round 1 mysteries of main characters do not trigger a single target chase.

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