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[ Lineup ] Reviving Nagato


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For a long time now we haven't seen any love for one of our most beloved villains, Nagato. I have a proposal. While I wish we got breakthroughs at 3 stars for ninjas as rare as him, I'm gonna refrain from that discussion here and present my Nagato breakthrough ideas. First of all, lets make his mystery prompt at +1. Easy enough. If you think a +2 would be appropriate with maybe a blindness effect, is up to you but I wouldn't mind leaving it at +1. Second, give his standard attack a high chance of knockdown and chaos at +1. Again, not too crazy. At +2 maybe have him absorb all your chakra or something like that. Hell's Crunch, the 10 combo chase could benefit from adding chaos to it at +1, but that one I'm kind of on the edge about. Would be good, but he might become too powerful to deal with when you hear my last thought. His Wrist Fire Arrow chase can stay as it is, but I'd like his passive to give him innate immunity like Red Kushina or Ashura Naruto, as opposed to waiting until his turn to gain it. Clearing debuffs for Edo Tensei ninjas stays the same.

By all means, give me your thoughts. I've been wondering what people would think of this for a while now. Ja~

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