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[ Lineup ] Reviving Nagato


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  • Zathroth On 2019-01-07 19:52:42
  • There's no ninja in the game that has prompt mustery that can be used during r1 right away (so shark bombs, angel konan, ninjas hit by akatsuki orochimaru dont count) and starts a chase. This used to be a thing with Tobi in 1.0 and it was * strong. If you look at all curent r1 mysteries, the most they can cause is high combo. Perhaps chakra reduction to 40 and non prompt mystery would be enough.

    Absorbing some chakra or crowd control (acupuncture, immobile, hell even simple interruption) would be really good with his chase.

    Standard upgrades are pretty normal regarding every new booked ninja gets pretty much higher proc rate of causing effect.

    While natural immunity would be cool, it would make his mystery uninterruptable without kisame/5k madara. His mystery has immunity to interrupt, right now only thing that interrupts it is crowd control. Mystery would have to be changed to normal one for him to get immunity, trade off but in favour of nagato tbh while mystery still isnt broken.

What do you mean no ninja in the game that has r1 prompt mystery? edo hiruzen? tenten?

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