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[ Events ] Event Cycle - January 3rd


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Dear Ninja,

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 01/03/19! Please, have a look below to check the new events!

~New Summon~



Kakashi [Susano’o]

Itachi [Edo Tensei]

Madara Uchiha [Five Kage Summit]

1. "Total Recharge Rebate" added. Want your money to be valuable? Then, it's now time to recharge! The more Ingots you recharge, the more valuable rebates you can get!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must have reached Level 30 in order to participate. Servers that opened in the last 14 days will not be participating in this event.

How To:

During the event, players who recharge the required amount of Ingots can get different rewards as rebate. The Ingots recharged will be acc*umulated during the event. A Strong Ninja awaits you!

2. "Lucky Stars Wheel" added. Use your Lucky Stars during the event to redeem for powerful ninjas and items!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Spin the wheel to obtain a random prize.

b) All players have a Free Spin at the wheel every day.

c) Extra Spins can be obtained by using Coupons/Ingots to spin the wheel. (Daily limit: 500 times.)

b) Use the obtained Lucky Stars to redeem them for amazing rewards.

3. "Missions General Mobilization" added. Look for the Mission Dealer to receive missions. Finish a mission yourself or give it to a friend to complete to get Mission Points!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

a) In Hot Topics, go to the “Missions General Mobilization” event. In the bottom part of the event’s interface, click in “Mission Dealer” (underlined and colored in orange) to open the World Map. The location of the Mission Dealer will be marked with a scroll. Your character will automatically run to the Mission Dealer’s location if your click the Scroll that appears in the Map.

b) The Mission Dealer can randomly appear within 3 different locations on the Map. Players need to find it by themselves, and then click it to get at most 5 missions at a time (can click Mission Dealer more than once while it is in the same location). Missions can be completed by yourself or be given to your friends. Each player can get and complete in total 10 missions per day. If you’re not satisfied with the missions you obtained, you can spend 5.000 Coins to cancel a specific mission, look for the Mission Dealer again to get new missions for you or your friends to complete.

c) Players will get 5 points after completing a mission. Get an additional Missions Gift Box when you complete a mission gifted by a friend. The additional gift pack contains 10 points and some random items. Missions Gift Box is sold in the Purchase Limit Shop as well. Once the event ends, all Missions Gift Boxes in your Inventory will be reset to 0. Remember to use them on time!

4. "Recruitment Feedback" added. Draw from specific Treasures to get more rewards in this event! Make the best use out of your Seal Scrolls!( Seal Scroll- Tendo Treasure added in Purchase Limit!)

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 50 in order to participate.


a) Draw Five Kage Treasure, Jinchuriki Treasure I, Jinchuriki Treasure II,Great Ninja War Treasure to claim rewards! (“Free Draw” is not accountable)

5. "Battle Armor Panic Buy" added. Time to upgrade your Battle Armor! Materials at big discounts! Ingots you use upgrading your Battle Armor will be counted during the event so that you c*so claim Gift Packs!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 43 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, players can buy Battle Armor materials at huge discounts.

b) Receive extra Gift Packs by using Ingots in this event. Remark: Ingots used in other events will not be counted. If you buy the threads directly in shop, the ingots spent will also not be counted.

c) Only Ingots can be used in this event.

6. "Battle Armor Rebates" added. Go and upgrade your Battle Armor to get extra rebates and achievement packs!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 43 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Find this event in Hot Topics; get rewards by upgrading your armor to the required level during the event.

b) Achievement Gifts can be claimed after you reach the required rank of your armor. Each player can only get this achievement gift once in his playtime

7. "Fukurokumaru's Deals" added. Use Coupons and get rebates for doing so! Use both Coupons and Ingots to get fantastic rebates and purchase exclusive Gift Bags!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th


a) Reach the given usage of both Coupons and Ingots to get free rewards and be eligible to buy specific gift bags and exclusive prices.

b) All Ingots used in ALL functions, systems, events and interfaces are accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

c) In what concerns the usage of Coupons, ONLY Coupons used in "Weekly Events" (Hot Topics), "Shop", "Mysterious Cave" and "Battle Armor" will be accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals". For example, Coupons used in "Eight Inner Gates", Offer Gifts purchased with Coupons in the Home system to offer to visiting Ninja, Coupons used to refresh the Black Market and Coupons used to revive Characters are not accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

8. "Fateful Choice" added. Decide the fate of the Shinobi World! Which side are you on? Will the next generation of ninja live to tell another day, or will all of us be part of an endless dream? Contribute to your side to get rewards!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.


a) Players can choose one side to contribute their Orb of Vitality to. Every contribution will get random points to their side. Land a Critical and get extra points to your side for it! (Critical values and Critical chances are random)

b) The contributions that you manage to get to your side will also be added in the same value as points (Flying Raijin Kunai and Kusari, depending on the side a player picks). Contributions from different sides can only redeem for rewards from that side in the redeeming interface of the event.

c) Orbs of Vitality can be obtained by doing given missions once daily. Orbs of Vitality c*so be bought in the Shop.

d) The event will be open until January 10th ; however, players won’t be able to take part in it on January 10th. On January 10th, only players on the winning side can redeem rewards from the event.

9."Goldfish Fishing" event added! Take some time, relax and go fishing for new fish that might be exchanged for ninjas' fragments and other rewards!

Event Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

1. Complete Plot/Elite Instances, draw in the Treasures (Seal treasure and above) to obtain paper nets.

2. Use paper nets to catch goldfish and earn credits, which can be used to redeem amazing rewards.

10."Konohas Puzzle" added. Clear several Instances and Missions to have a chance at these dropping Puzzle Pieces or Substitute Puzzle Pieces. Completing Puzzle can get nice rewards!

Period: January 3rd - January 09th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 28 in order to participate.


a) Clear Plot/Elite/Instances/Rich Field/Team Instances/Strong Approaching to have a chance at these dropping Puzzle Pieces or Substitute Puzzle Pieces.

b) Completing Puzzle can get random nice rewards.

c) Select the Piece that you want to send to your friend, only 1 of each Puzzle Piece can be sent at a time.

d) Puzzles and Puzzle Pieces will be refreshed every day after 0:00, the Substitute Puzzle Pieces won’t be reset until event ends.

11. New packs are available in the "Purchase Limit" shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance.

12. Last, but not least, “Missions Gift Box”,“Orb of Vitality" ,obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week, once the events end, the“Missions Gift Box”, “Orb of Vitality" , that you didn't spend will reset to 0.

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!

All information present in the game is the final and correct information.

Thank you for all your support to us,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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yey, saving week...

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seems boring

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Please put Edo Tobirama for reedem in Mission Mobilization event..

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Another booooring week/month?!?

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Can edo deidara come back in mission event ? XD

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2019 events sooooo great!

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о норм ивенты

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I have been waiting since mid October to get land of the lightning in Recruitment Feedback". When it will be in there i wonder...

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No new ninjas ( thank god) no skillbreaks no skill experiments(why? WHY?!) And I am still waiting for that seasonal event thingy. You promised oasis!
P.S. events suc this week but hey we already got used to that, right? right...

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Great plates YRQlMpI

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fuku again lol

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Dead event

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Evento Bosta XD

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  • Steve Carry On 2019-01-02 21:14:25
  • Great plates YRQlMpI


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yes another week to save :) no need to rush things :) and about this recruitment feedback event again seems they want to use are all seals coz they might put new treasure? lol just wondering! haha! hope we can redeem x mas cloth or sports cloth from MOB event ;) thanks

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I bet new summon will be in Fuku deal again

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