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[ Fanart ] Redesign [Azure Fang]


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Original vs. My Version (both of these images are drawn by me, i just used a reference to draw the original)

nardo online doodlesnardo online doodles1



I liked her hair so I didn't change much to it.

These are fun to do so I might do another with the other mains when I have the time

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1st one looks like a man to me

2nd is better with her smiles


waiting for next main xD

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wow scary!

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She looks too wide for me.

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It's like Azure and Crimson has a kid

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so the first picture has a bit of a wide jaw/broad shoulders thing going on, not to mention her mouth is very similar to the type of smile CF has imo?

that second picture is really good. you've given her weight in a good way (it's not like clunky or awkwardly proportioned which i personally find hard hahaha) so props to u. proportions/anatomy/pose is solid. and her clothes are nice <3

i really like the way you lined her hair and the fluff on her clothes XD

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you have realistic proportions! :D

anime-styled proportions are fun and all, but it's always nice to see more realistic ones---will you try shading this one in like so? or nah

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