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[ Fanart ] ballet dancer!Midnight


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*Nighty wakes up early... prepares things for a new day...

Nighty: so sleepy zzzzz.... i need some coffee...

wait... where's my sword???... Scarlettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!

Prankster Blaze: yessss? *smlies* i dont know...

Nighty: Then who else... *angrily charges at Scarlet*

Scarlet: *looks at Nighty's eyes* i think u need some more sleep time *Illusion: Feather Illusion Jutsu*

*Nighty falls to a deep beautiful sleep...

Scarlet: Now what to do to him now hehe...

Azure *holding Nighty's sword and a pair of ballet pants*: Hey Midnight I found your sword, I think Scarlet too..... oh, you got him...

Scarlet: Yes i did *laughs*, those r nice pants btw...

Azure: thanks, but... the shop measured wrong... they are too long, and i cant return them *grumbles*

*A spark comes in the little Prankster mind...*

Scarlet: Illusion: Illusion Vision...

10 minutes later: *Picture* xD

*Everyone's laughs goes through the neighborhood, then Blaze accidentally make Nighty uses Calm Mind.* ... *oops*

Nighty *wakes up*: huh... what... happened? *looks at himself*

Nighty grabs his sword, activates Lightning Armor: If only i know who made me like this *stares at Scarlet*


*to be continued... if Blazy is still alive xD*


I am really surprised... very very lovely...

I am honored that u used my idea xD

I look at the shades on his face and i thought he might look sleepy, so i make sth up haha...(i can't draw so making story is the only thing i can do here) hope u like it. =)))

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