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[ Fanart ] ballet dancer!Midnight


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Screenshot 2018-12-26 at 12


@Kuebiko call your friend yujin to check the forums here, they've got a surprise xD

2018_12_26_Kleki (2)

and with a background/shaded more:

ballet midnight

he looks like yurio with the ponytail+ballet, anyone?

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  • ⛧Akuma⛧ On 2018-12-27 02:46:08
  • Hell yeah.

    He looks like he lost the bet with Scarlet ;)


imo maybe not lost a bet, but slightly pissed that he has watchers XD (or maybe he secretly dances for stress relief, who knows)

he has the body for dance, and his legs are long enough haha

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  • Tiami On 2018-12-27 03:14:03
  • "he looks like yurio with the ponytail+ballet, anyone?"

    YES! <3

    So graceful and beautiful- I can imagine him fighting enemy ninjas on battlefields with those lit dance moves from Swan's Lake and omg :'D

a literal dance battle to the death xd

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  • Kuebiko On 2018-12-27 09:35:02
  • amazing XD the pose is really fluid and the lighting is...lit (cough)

thanks :D

and it's the power of google image references + having a little experience in ballet (not that it was willingly xd)

"and the lighting is...lit (cough)"

this is tempting me to put scarlet or crimson dabbing in the background

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  • YujinTakara On 2018-12-29 22:24:31
  • *Nighty wakes up early... prepares things for a new day...

    Nighty: so sleepy zzzzz.... i need some coffee...

    wait... where's my sword???... Scarlettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!

    Prankster Blaze: yessss? *smlies* i dont know...

    Nighty: Then who else... *angrily charges at Scarlet*

    Scarlet: *looks at Nighty's eyes* i think u need some more sleep time *Illusion: Feather Illusion Jutsu*

    *Nighty falls to a deep beautiful sleep...

    Scarlet: Now what to do to him now hehe...

    Azure *holding Nighty's sword and a pair of ballet pants*: Hey Midnight I found your sword, I think Scarlet too..... oh, you got him...

    Scarlet: Yes i did *laughs*, those r nice pants btw...

    Azure: thanks, but... the shop measured wrong... they are too long, and i cant return them *grumbles*

    *A spark comes in the little Prankster mind...*

    Scarlet: Illusion: Illusion Vision...

    10 minutes later: *Picture* xD

    *Everyone's laughs goes through the neighborhood, then Blaze accidentally make Nighty uses Calm Mind.* ... *oops*

    Nighty *wakes up*: huh... what... happened? *looks at himself*

    Nighty grabs his sword, activates Lightning Armor: If only i know who made me like this *stares at Scarlet*


    *to be continued... if Blazy is still alive xD*


    I am really surprised... very very lovely...

    I am honored that u used my idea xD

    I look at the shades on his face and i thought he might look sleepy, so i make sth up haha...(i can't draw so making story is the only thing i can do here) hope u like it. =)))


does he look too annoyed? it seems as if people are assuming he was forced into this xDD

and your idea was too genius to not draw

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