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Christmas Forum Scavenger Hunt


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Yo. I’m Hokage-elect Hatake Kakashi.

I guess it’s the Holiday season… I couldn’t care less about any of you, but Tsunade-sama says I’m required to help you babies celebrate with a little event

So here’s the deal:

Spread around each forum section are 6 ninja, including me, who’ve volunteered at Tsunade-sama’s request. Each one will give you a little riddle.

The correct answer will lead you to a pastebin with 2 characters and a position. Put all the hints together and you’ll get an activation code with a couple goodies. It’s not much, but hey, budget’s tight with war repairs.

Here’s your riddle from me.

Back in my travels, when I was just a wee Jonin instead of Hokage-elect, I met someone who happened to have their Birthday on Christmas Day, exactly. Their name escapes me… can you figure it out for me? You guys are shinobi, you can gather information, right?

Their name was:

A. Deidara

B. Yugao Uzuki

C. Inari

D. Madam Shijimi

Have fun, kiddos, and remember: Those who disobey their superiors and abandon the mission are *

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