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[ Fanfiction ] This Is How It All Ends(Rating M)


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I haven't posted anything in two months. But, since it's Christmas, I thought, 'Why not go back for old time sake?" This'll be my last fanfiction, and I swear it. (Unless there's a contest going on, who knows, really).

Everyone, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday.

The entire world has been saved. Madara has been defeated, Kaguya has been sealed. All that's left was to undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi that has been wrought upon the whole populace of the world.

Sadly, the time may never come. Team 7...had fallen. Succ*mbing to their injuries sustained in the fight against the Progen*tor of Chakra. Now, forever will the world be trapped in the endless illusion, displaying their greatest desires.

However, therein lies the slimmest of hope. But it would take a great miracle for it to be achieved. The former guardians of Naruto had with them, a Rinnegan, which all bore only one tomoe. It would be enough to undo the powerful Genjutsu.

But unfortunately, all of them were locked in a terrifying combat to their deaths. Zetsu had the last laugh. He had trapped the five of them in a dark Genjutsu, forcing out their innermost dark emotions, namely hatred. Every positive emotion was buried and locked deep. No barrels held. No mercy to be shown. No more friendships, camaraderie, or bonds.

Only death remained.

The corpse of Maito Daichi was slumped at the foot of the valley. His body was shredded, an arm ripped off, his legs both gone, a large pool of blood rippling below him. Yet even in death, he still had a smile on his face. Albeit, a blood covered one.

Over yonder, one could hear the ongoing sounds of battle. Weapons and jutsus clashing, shouts of hatred and insults thrown about. There was nothing, but negativeness in those areas.

In one corner, dozens of steam clouds kept on erupting, both fire AND water clashing over and over. On the other, gales of wind and acrs of lightning shot out, destroying the surrounding forests around it.

Fuyuko and Haruki jumped out of the mist. Their hands blurred, performing yet another jutsu to try and kill each other with.

"Water Style: Super Water Shark Bomb Jutsu!"

"Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation!"

The both of their faces were contorted with hateful glares. They unleashed their jutsus on another, creating yet another a large cloud of steam.

Fuyuko landed in it and closed her eyes. Haruki circled around her, spitting out jeers at his former girlfriend.

"How could I have loved thrash like you?! You're nothing but a meek flower who always needed someone to hold her hand to guide them!"

The medic-nin sneered as she spun around, blocking Haruki's strike and replied in kind.

"At least I don't rely on cheap tricks to get me around!"

Haruki's eyes flashed into the Eternal, his Susanoo shrouding around him and holding out its weapon. The Uchiha glared at his opponent and roared, his chakra construct throwing the spear right at the bluenette.

Fuyuko gathered chakra into her hand, the Reserve Seal quickly gathering. The medic-nin roared and caught the spear with a smirk. Haruki smirked, blood dripping down his eye.


A surge of black flame erupted from below Fuyuko, surprising her. The fires of Amaterasu consumed her, making her scream in pain. The Uchiha chuckled in victory, only to gasp in shock at what he saw.

Fuyuko walked out of the black flames, her entire body covered in markings, seemingly unharmed by the eternal blaze. She grunted and circled through a set of hand seals. Her cheeks bulged up, right before spewing out gallons upon gallons of water right at Haruki.

The Uchiha yelped out in surprise, slammed by the sudden torrent of water. Fuyuko formed the Seal of Confrontation and slammed her palm onto the water.

"Water Style: Thousand Hungry Sharks!"

Just as the name of the jutsu implied, a thousand of sharks were summoned in the water, quickly swarming towards the brunette. Haruki wasn't even able to act as the sharks started to bite into his skin. He screamed loudly as the water was stained with his blood, the sharks unrelenting in eating him.

Fuyuko watched from atop a tree, laughing as she watched her boyfriend die from her summons. She cracked her neck and prepared to move on to kill her other friends. But that's when she received the biggest surprise.

"Lightning Blade!"

A chakra covered hand pierced through her chest, right in between her *. Blood dripped down the corner of her lips, a look of lost, defeat and sadness appearing in her eyes. Right behind her was Haruki, smirking. He pulled back his hand and grabbed Fuyuko by the throat, throwing her into the water, and into the sharks.

Fuyuko's expression didn't change as her summons approached her still body. "What did we do? What did I say? Daito-niisan you were right. Haruki-kun... I'm so sorry." were her last thoughts as her sharks began to feed.

Somewhere Else

Mangetsu clicked his tongue, annoyed,as he drove his blade into another shadow clone of Aimi. He grunted and kept on dispelling each clone that seemed to multiply as he killed one. Having enough, his arm crackled with lightning and he brought it down to the ground, spreading it around him.

"Chidori Stream!"

The lightning convulsed and arched around him, piercing through each blonde and dispelled them all. Well, barring one. Aimi sneered and charged at her former boyfriend, a Giant Sage Rasengan in hand. Mangetsu charged back, letting loose a bloodcurdling scream.

"This'll be your grave, you b*tch!"

"I don't think so, you b@stard!"

The two clashed and brought forth yet another powerful, yet crushing combination, sending them both flying. Mangetsu stabbed his blade into the ground, stopping himself. The last Hatake narrowed his eyes, scanning around for his prey.

Aimi ran up to him from behind, charging up another Rasengan. Her eyes still indicating that she was still in Sage Mode. She jumped up, preparing to slam down her father's jutsu onto Mangetsu.

However, she failed.

Mangetsu might not have the Sharingan, but his reflexes were on par with it. He had anticipated her move and spun around, impaling her straight in the stomach. Aimi gaped as she looked at her boyfriend in shock.

Mangetsu caressed her cheek, making her smile, before he violently grabbed it and released a large charge of lightning, electrocuting her. And since he was grabbing her cheek, it reached up to her brain. Mangetsu didn't stop, chuckling as he amped up the power.

"W-What happened? Wh-What caused us to do this to each other?"

It wasn't long as the surge of lightning had exploded the blonde's head, chunks of her head, brain and some blood splattering everywhere. Mangetsu dropped down the headless body a sadistic grin on his face.

"So it's just you and me left."

Mangetsu spun around, seeing Haruki on top of a boulder, the same grin on his face. The white-haired shinobi laughed madly, crackles of electricity coursing through his entire body.

"So the dobe finally comes out of hiding? You always were the weakling of the weak, Haruki."

Haruki grunted and dropped down, his Susanoo erecting around him, his eyes narrowed, his lips curled into a sneer. "Like you should talk, teme. You always needed your girlfriend to get you out of trouble, or even from Kakashi. You're the true weak-"

Haruki reacted and channeled more chakra into his Susanoo, forming it into its humanoid form as Mangetsu attempted to stab him with his blade, crackling with Raiton chakra. The Uchiha chuckled and smacked away the Hatake with his Susanoo's arms.

Mangetsu growled and caught himself in the air. He looked to his right, seeing he was near the cliff face. He grabbed his blade and stabbed it straight into the cliff, skidding to a stop. He looked up and saw an arrow enveloped with black flames.

Mangetsu roared and activated Lightning Armor, using it to dodge. He dived bomb down, his blade infusing it with Raiton chakra. Haruki was on the ground, shooting out arrow upon arrow. The Hatake got an idea and landed on to one of the arrows. He thrust his arm out and used his Rinnegan.

"Almighty Push!"

The arrow was flung back to Haruki, who didn't expect that. It pierced through his Susanoo, but he was fortunate enough to miss him by an inch. He dispelled his ethereal armor to conserve chakra, and decided to use his Rinnegan.

Haruki's eyes shot open, multiple limbs popping out from his body. Every arm took aim at Mangetsu and fired, revealed to be actually missiles. The Hatake grunted and sliced through each projectile, the parts exploding right behind him. He neared his target and decided to bring him nearer.

"Universal Pull!"

Haruki found himself pulled right up to his former friend. Mangetsu held out his blade, preparing to impale the Uchiha. The brunette brought up his Susanoo yet again, although only an arm, this time. He used the chakra construct to grab Mangetsu and threw him down on the ground. Haruki circled through a set of hand seals and spewed out a giant ball of black blaze.

"Inferno Style: Giant Fireball Jutsu!"

Mangetsu gritted his teeth, seeing the jutsu approach him. He held up his arm and dispelled it with @n Almighty Push. He pulled himself up and glared at the floating brunette, who glared back. Mangetsu threw away his blade and started going through a specific set of hand seals, Haruki doing the same.

They raised up their respective dominants, crackling with electricity, sparking throughout the entire area. They roared and charged at each other, intent on delivering the final bl0w.

"Lightning Blade!"


They clashed, none of them faltering. Their jutsu overloaded and and exploded, taking their arm along with. The two screamed in pain, both of them falling down harshly. Haruki grunted struggling to get up, Mangetsu in the same situation.

Much to their surprise, they were suddenly entangled by wooden roots.

"What the-?!"

"Where did these come from?!"

From out of the remaining trees came out Daichi, alive, but very bloodied and grievously wounded, as evident by his arm and legs replaced with wooden ones. The orange-haired males gave his two friends a smile as he formed his hand into the Tiger seal, tightening the roots around them, causing them to scream out louder.

"I'm sorry, my friends. But this is were we all say goodbye. We may not have been able to save everyone from their fate, but at the very least, they're all happy."

Daichi slammed his palm down, erecting a wooden dome around, no source of light for them to see. Haruki flashed his Sharigan active looking around and noticed the tags around the dome. His eyes widened, realizing what Daichi was about to do.

"Wait, you-!"

"Like I said, I'm sorry, Haruki. This is how it all ends. This is our destiny." He closed his eyes, resigning to his fate, curling his hand into the Seal of Confrontation. "Kai!"

The tags that covered the entire dome began to sizzle, until it all eventually blew up. The resulting explosion was powerful enough to obliterate a small village, destroying everything in the same radius, even Aimi's headless corpse.

With that, the last hope for humanity had been reduced to nothing but ash and rubble. All of them will remain enslaved to the Infinite Tsukuyomi until the ends of times, no one to release them from such a dark, yet wanted, fate.

In the end, Madara won.

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OHHHhh you're the one who used to be clay lord/arkos sailor right? can't believe I just noticed that, thought you were new for a bit xD (and how did you change your username? thought it could be only done once)

asides, I actually found this pretty funny lol, doom and gloom galore :D

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B1: Are you thinking what I'm thinking B2?

B2: I think I'm thinking what you are Thinking B1!


(I bet that person who figured out ran straight home)

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  • e.m.c On 2018-12-26 04:49:42
  • OHHHhh you're the one who used to be clay lord/arkos sailor right? can't believe I just noticed that, thought you were new for a bit xD (and how did you change your username? thought it could be only done once)

    asides, I actually found this pretty funny lol, doom and gloom galore :D

Yep, that was me

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* this is... jarring.

this is like a huge battle of gods at this point

like, wo dude.

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  • a derps life 2 On 2018-12-26 15:00:56
  • * this is... jarring.

    this is like a huge battle of gods at this point

    like, wo dude.

well, night as well go out with a *, right?

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This is great, in a horrifying way.

I love it.

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