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ADLDIC christmas special 7 - 12 DAYS FINALE


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lol okay so the images broke. most of these are just me (derps) but if not i'll note who it is xd

okay so uh…

how do i put this?

i know we said that we were gonna do 9 christmas specials and only did 7

but here’s the thing.

doicare’s kind of in a bad spot in life right now

he’s got a severe case of heartache

and by that i mean he confessed to one of our high school friends who just happened to have a boyfriend already… and he didn’t know at all

oof, right? yeah, i’ve been trying to cheer him up with mixed results…

and that’s why we’ve been so quiet recently. sorry lol

but enough about us! it’s christmastime, and this is the time of year that you should be happy

so, i present to you, the 12 days finale of the adldic christmas special show!

i think y’all should know this song easy

on the 12th day of christmas, Do I Care? gave to me…

12 months of laughing!

11 years of friendship!

10 dead Hokages

9 salty players!

8 goodbois peeping

7 body pillows!

6 Danger Rangers!

(akuma)5 golden caaaaaats!

(tayuyauzumaki )4 random doodles

3 art requests

2 smug bois.

...and an ADLDIC LP!


season 4 of ADLDICLPNO is planned to resume on january 1, 2019, right in time for new year’s.

no promises tbh, it depends on how doicare is doing during the new year

but anyways, that’s that

have a wonderful christmas, guys. derps out. it's been a fun holiday season <3

...ya know in hindsight it just aint the same with the broken images.

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Images broke just like doicare's heart... poor fella :( Stay strong there, buddy.

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  • Tiami On 2018-12-25 17:06:18
  • Images broke just like doicare's heart... poor fella :( Stay strong there, buddy.

the guy's been stressing about it and holding it in for the past like, 8 months.

it hit him hard. ;-;

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Oof. That s*cks. My condolences to him

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This hurts me on a spiritual level.

Best wishes, guys

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I can assure you the best is yet to come.

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It seems like the countdown's over.

I hope that things get better for DoICare, people say that there's not light without dark, and vice versa.

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"5 golden caaaaaats!"

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