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Summon Chakra / Group Summons Difficulty


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Is my group the only one finding it really hard to keep the summons above 80%? In my group we've barely touched the katsuyu's level or used it for war because there just isn't enough summoning chakra to go around in a small group, even though we're merged. We've been trying to get a merge for group level and stuff but it's still such a pain to get the chakra even though it's in group shot. We got most of the group to donate all we had and we barely sc*d 5K chakra, which won't last long and we still can't level up Katsuyu at all.

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my group katsuyu is 90% but the rest is very low

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nope, you aren't.

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Also struggling, had to just drop feeding the Snake just to keep up with other 2.

Feel sorry for groups with even less people than mine.

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that is impossible

the true is that there are too many freeze level players in your group

if there are no freeze level, the charaka will be enough

so the solution is that stop your group members to freeze level, not complabin here

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