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[ Suggestions ] What i expect to see on live next event.


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Since, as usual, xmas event is horrible (and the more you are preventively warned about it the less you care seems).

I expect next event to be extremely good.

Last year we go itachi anbu for free as a sign in reward and we were able to get our first rares in gnw treasure.

So what do i expect to see for the first event of the new year?

Kage TI normal and hard mode.

All the missing skill breaktroughs for the ninjas in the first 4 collection scrolls you just released, at least.

A bunch of skill trials among which at least 1 good one.

At least 2 edo jinchuriki treasures permanently (not time limited) added in game.

This, imho, is the very very minimum you should do to make up for what you did with this event.

P.S. It's fine that you want to milk whales. It's not fine that at the same time you literally do not give anything to everyone else. Do you know is possible to do the two things together, true?

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