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[ Bugs ] Possible error in edo yagura's mystery desc<x>ription


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So I was watching a gameplay video of Yagura(Edo Tensei) by Zamaterasu (linked below), and I noticed that his mystery ignores dodge and has a certain hit.Nowhere in his talents description does it say that his mystery is undodgeable (image below)

Yagura Talents

Here is the gameplay video-

It can be seen clearly in round 4 of the battle from 3:04 to 4:04 in the video that yagura's mystery ignored shisui's dodge.(At 4:00 to be precise)

I was wondering if there is an error in the mystery description or in the gameplay video. Or was the mystery nerfed (like edo roshi being nerfed from being an immobilising machine).

Thanks to anyone who tries to or can clarify this doubt.

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