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ADLDIC christmas special 6: all I want...


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disclaimer: the following is meant to be humorous, not insulting. adldic apologizes if we offended anyone.

Alright, this is gonna get a little confusing if you don’t know about a certain forum member. Cause it's a tribute to one of the most dedicated, yet slightly fanatical people on this forum.

but to eternal sauna with it

I doubt that people don’t know this individual anyways, unless you joined in the last like month or so.

anyways uh… since this could get confusing let’s explain

this icon right here this is our lovely resident fanatical essay-writing fanboy, dosu

And this is Dosu the Naruto character, the one who shows up in chapter 3 of the plot instances. They have the same name, but they’re different people. Remember that now.

also, dosu…

i kinda gave you some flak with this song

but we really do love you, ok

Now with that over with…

...let’s begin.


Hey, merry christmas, Dosu.

Hey, Dosu. Happy holidays! I got you a gift – a… er, body pillow with me on it.

Oh, thanks! I’ve been looking for one of these!

Uh… you’re welcome? It was really hard to obtain...

...You know, Dosu, our lives really are simple.

All we do every day is run around and fight each other on an online game.

You know, I kinda just stopped by to say hi, I’ve got some things I need to–

So we can have fun with this game! Naruto Online!


However… there’s one thing that I’ve noticed that we’re still missing. It’s the lack of one certain redeemable character… that’s something that needs to be fixed!

Something that really needs to be destroyed!

Something that… needs to be repaired and restored to its rightful place.


So, you know, with Santa and everything…

All I want for Christmas in this game… is you.


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I don't want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need

I don't care about the presents

Underneath the Zetsu Tree

I’m tired of just using Sakon

Always shouting “ikuze”!

Santa Claus won't make me happy

I’ll have to do this my own way!

I just want you plain to know

How important you are on this show

I’ll make my wish come true

All I want for Christmas is you!


Oh yeah!

I’m tired of using my main’s blade

Acupuncturing the foe!

What I want is your chaos

So all your power can finally show!

I‘ll just write some mail and send it

To devs who give us all this stuff

I know they can give me hope

for me to play that guy I love so much!

I’ll stay awake the entire night

The tension makes me oh so tight


What more can I do

Oh baby, all I want for Christmas is you!

All these arts are dazzling

So brightly everywhere

Whee! The sound of salty people fills the air!

Our show is up and running!

Daiske himself is coming...

Daiske won't you bring me the frags I really need

To recruit my man, that’s my creed!

Dosu, I don’t see your point

Why’s he what you’re asking for ?

I don’t think that it’ll end well !

You’ll pester me right at my door

Dosu, sorry, not today

So I don’t know… just go away !

I’ll be back in Juuuuuune!

All I want for Christmas… Dosuuuuuu!

Youuuuuuu, baby!

All I want for Christmas… Dosuuuuuu, baby!

All I want for Christmas… Dosuuuuuu, baby!

All I want for Christmas… Dosuuuuuu!

hey, dosu


You know he’s probably not gonna come for two or three years, right? I mean, if the game even survives that long.

And it’s not like asking them again and again will speed up the process at all, you know?

...You know, guys, you just…

You just really wanna make me ANGRY, don’t you!

...You don’t know how much the opposite of that statement is true…


*sigh* Merry Christmas, Dosu.

Love ya, Dosu. Thanks for workin’ with us throughout this year.

Your… uncanny knowledge of the Chunin Exam arc helped fuel some jokes, and all those sprite rips, man…

anywho its only a week till christmas, folks

and i really hope y’all are in the mood cause we’re almost there yeeeeeeeee

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Zetsu tree :D

This is a greatest version of this song and with all my heart I wishes you your Dosu, Dosu.

And I got to sing a part too, woohoooo xD

Love you Dosu and you guys too, never change

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Will Dosu ever get Dosu? Find out next time!

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Heh, thanks...

Wait... where did you get that Dosu body pillow from? And where do I get one of those?

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thats a secret lol

also: we should've churned out 2 more christmas specials but doicare's not doing so well right now. yeah. that's our excuse.

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