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Naruto 6P or Edo Minato?


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Hi guys, just wanna know your opinion on which is better between the two, Naruto 6P or Edo minato? I am trying to save up coupons for new ninja and I'm thinking of recruiting either of the two. (Would love to have both but it would take me ages to save coupons for both)

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sosp wins by a landslide. reduce mystery cooldown + certain immobile on chase beats 3 round cd + conditional scaling anytime

like yea sure edo minato mystery is undodgeable, but what are you going to do with an undodgeable mystery that you can't even use for more than half the battle?

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only use edo minato if u have kurama naruto

naruto gets bond mystery with edo minato that is unavoidable intruption + combos so that is way better then naruto 6 path if u have initiative against the other person

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TLDR; go for sage of six path if ur competitive, otherwise go with edo minato.

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Well I do have Kurama Naruto from the treasure, so I was actually thinking of using the bonds with edo minato. Not sure with initiative but i guess it's good enough on our merged server. With being competitive, well not really. And thank you guys for answering!

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depends , 6oP is cancer but minato can go through dodge and if hes incredibly powerful for you, his standards high hit combo can do some cereal bidness

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Naruto six paths for sure

Minato and a good ninja even, his esoteric attack is not much besides the cooling of 3 turns

Ja Naruto Six paths can heal and reset the cooling of esoteric

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def go for 6 paths

As a competitive players, 6 paths is the way to go in terms of 1v1. Even if your not up their BP wise you can still hold you own with 6 paths

Edo Minato isnt bad but good either, he a very situational ninjas. He good in GNW / PVE modes like bonds

Basically pick your poison.

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Thank you guys for your suggestions! I'll keep those points in mind when the next events for them come up.

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naruto. minato is comparable or slightly better only if you run wind main and you are sure to reduce cd with dance of impetus.

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