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[ Lineup ] Can we pair Naruto Six path with Madara Five Kage?


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Hello. Question is, i got Minato Namikaze, Shisui, Naruto six Path and just got Madara Five Kage.

I liked my Earth main - shisui - Killer Bee - Naruto team.

Also had the Father and Son team, Earth main, Minato, Naruto and Killer bee.

This new addition is a challenge. Have an idea of Earth main, shisui, Madara and Naruto and keep my main from giving shields after I use madara. Basically Madara gonna be there if the oponents have better Ini and shisui and will cancel my Shisui's Barrier

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srrry I can't think of aything, most people don't answer because six paths is cancer in their eyes

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its a good team but shisui is wasted here. better to use killer bee in my opinion than shisui.

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That is what I still use since I'm freezing below 60 level in my current server (used to play in an older UK server and TR servers) and started as Earth Main (Earth Main - SOSP - 5k Madara - Asuma (for 20 chakra for double attack or t1 Naruto or 5k if I need to play defensively). As you thought, it may be a good consideration to keep him for chakra-locking your opponent if you have the initiative and to keep safe if you do not. But if you have some other solid choices like father-son team etc., I would not recommend playing 5k + SOSP in Crimson Fist; maybe only if you do not care much about speed and enjoy to play hard control teams but then I'd say Azure Fang would be the more solid choice for the same idea.

But on my part, the team lacks both the speed against full-buff Naruto teams and the control against Edo Itachi etc. lineups. But not below decent either as I observed from my matches against other SOSP players in SWBs and Arenas. I wouldn't deny the sweetness of control factor; especially for the last current cluster where many people maybe got their first event ninjas in the latest Fukurokumaru by spending for SOSP Naruto + 5 flags to get a 5k Madara and other goodies from the Fuku.

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