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[ Bugs ] Assist li<x>nk Problems


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Error message says unit not available. The unit equips just fine on another team.



Error says another version of the unit is already in use. But I don't even own another version of this ninja.

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I got first of your errors in habanero Kushina. What's funny is that I had her active in one ninja. Then I revoved her trying to get her into assisting another ninja. Then I got the message. She worked just fine before. Too bad I can't use her lv6 assist now...

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I believe some of those ninja will eventually give assist skills that haven't been unlocked yet. And people figured out you could activate some of those skills anyway if you knew how to match them. So they disabled the ninja for use until those assist skills are "released".

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Today I have faced this problem as well.

I found this answer on another, closed topic:

"Certain cards were locked as they were not intended to be out for the moment.

They'll be released in future patches (Just as some were this week)"

I didnt know it. I changed my team to try another lineup so i removed my lvl6 and lvl7 cards from my Anbu Itachi. But now, i can give back to him only 3 cards becouse of my Five Kage Summit Temari says: "The unit is not yet available, cannot be used to assist".

This is very big problem to me becouse now i cant use his bond skill and i dont have resources to level up another card to lvl6...

I understand to they made mistakes and released a lot of assist cards what was not intended, but this solution is very bad... They should find something else.

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this happened to me as well.

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Fun that on a really serious bug like this one or the one garv's posted there are no replies from mods.

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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-12-20 18:45:24
  • Fun that on a really serious bug like this one or the one garv's posted there are no replies from mods.

It's already been answered previously.

This isn't a bug.

It's intentional, Certain Assist Cards were locked and won't be available till future updates.

Not all will be available at once, it'll gradually come out.

Hopefully, you understand.

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