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[ Suggestions ] Next great plates event


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Hello. Lately discussion sprung up about kid kakashi in the wheel and how some of us have had enough of him. I'd like to suggest removing him temporarily from next event cycle and placing any power item that old players could use (eg. adv refine, chakra training scroll, myoboku gift/training, ability treasure scroll, pile of chimes, optional bond scroll) or some non troll ninja fragments (so no hanabi, zaku, cats). Just this future week. If there are still people who need kid kakashi for jonin's bond mystery, you could put him in direct redeemable event (like time limited ninja recruitment, mission dealer, lucky board or konoha outlets) for a symbolic price of 30cp/frag.

After events there will be one month to collect feedback about those changes and you could evaluate, if removing him from the wheel was a desired decision or not. If yes, then community will be grateful for that, if not- you c*ways bring him back in future iterations of this event. It's a win/win scenario.

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Kid Kakashi should be like Hebihime,put him in shop one week every month,and done.Even tho Hebihime is not around anymore.

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Though I think Kid Kakashi should not return to great plates at all. They can put him in a redeemable event and he should stay there.

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Up, since it's Monday let's hope feedback can get to people in charge in time :-)

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I dont know why they put KK in GP,I always spend my cps in this event for power.

Hope this ninja not appear anymore in this amazing event.

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They should just put him in group shop exactly like they added group chakra packs.

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Nice one . Let's hope they listen

HELLO OASIS . Please look at last Wednesays event announcement . I said there before events go live , that Hana style should be in Great tree for a fair price (because the price was high in lucky board) and 6+ frags of Chiriku in 3v3 so we can piece him (no more 70 free frags nonsense like you did with Jiraya Sannin Era)

So, see how beautiful and healthy our relationship can be when you listen?

@ OP , we shouldn;t just suggest things . We should DEMAND and they should COMPLY . And i'm not talking about crazy changes , im talking about small things , like the one you proposed

P.S Frog Kata (the leaf thingy in myoboku cultivation , the newest one) instead of oil would also be nice

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