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[ Lineup ] 5.0 Treasures - Rares


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Hey Lads.

So I started taking a deeper look in the Treasures having a*ulated enough Scrolls do draw at least a Rare.
I want to draw my rare then go for the super rare, so I really want to focus on one Treasure but I don´t know wich one.
I´am currently Level 67 and missing alot of Ninjas from all Treasures.
Wich Treasure / Rare Ninja should I aquire that will help me in the long run.
Kage seems pretty good so is Gnw but many People told me it´s mainly for Blitz Teams and I don´t plan on playing Blitz ever lol. I´am fine with the 3 other classes tho!
Jinchuriki cause of Roshi or Edo Tensei where the Super Rare Drops at 120 Scrolls already?
I`am f2p. There is currently a Draw Event on Kage - Gnw (not unlocked) - Tendo

I´am really lost in all this and hope you can help me Guys !

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GNW or Jin 1. Roshi's a good ninja. GNW is mostly good for LM sword teams and the super rares.

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allright thank you lads I will wait and draw on gnw

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With collection scroll,drawing in kage is not that good idea.Sure,it take time,but you can save seals for GNW.

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GNW is the one worth it in the long run (1050-1200 seals invested is where you commonly get a super rare), 5 kage treasure is good if you want a barrier ninja.

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mh you sure?

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five kage

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