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[ Fanart ] Finished the set ;D


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  • TOMB0LOCKD0WN! On 2018-12-07 03:47:10
  • erm, wasn't really an argument, i guess what i meant to voice was..

    sometimes it feels like a man sometimes it feels like a woman, and sometimes there seems to be nothing/neutral

    i was just pondering and regarding that maybe gender of choice is a freedom,

    that regardless of our bodies, we have male and female energies within us. (In a spiritual sense?)

    coz in rl i know a female friend who really wanted to be male, and vice versa too. XD

Too much talking, blah blah~~ while it's simple:







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your right Tiami, and I just found what I needed in myself too,

I'm gonna work hard to get my parents relationship back in order..

and I have to set an example myself.

also thanks Akuma + many others for inspiring me to pick up the pencil

and draw again after not touching art for a really long time.

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  • Tiami On 2018-12-06 23:02:31
  • And I'm sure you mean it as- fabulous and totally amazing- because you are fully aware that most of people here don't find this word being anywhere near an insult or negativity.

    Love & Peace! <3

*epic facepalms*


I come back to find that my post has turned into a discussion on morality, lingustic differences across different social identities/cultures, and potentially religion or philosophy if the discussion goes on LMAO

which is great btw, as long as everyone stays civil with an open mind :D (hard to find on the internet sometime, unfortunately)

Edit: and it seems to have ended xD

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Answering the question about the other mains' art:

Midnight official deleted1Crimson official deleted1Azure official deleted1Scarlet official deleted1Breeze official deleted1

It took some digging through the cn forums but I really like this Midnight and the smug Scarlet :D

I think those were the first edition pictures for this clothing that then got replaced?

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