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[ Lineup ] Madara Uchiha [Ten-Tails Jinchuriki] Lineups


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Hey guys!

A very special ninja now indeed, not many players will have him but let's discuss about him and see some team ideas



Mystery: A very good mystery, you guys know how strong suppressing immunity is and what you could do with it, also again explosive mode and this one is quite good

Standard Attack: A normal-ish standard attack, nothing special to mention about it except that it's "high chance to combo" which is great as you will combo more often

Chase: This is one of his best feature for sure, this chase ignores a certain amount of def/res which means that it will deal A LOT of damage for a chase (just look at 5-kage Madara and Masked Man), and it also does immobile which is great

Chase 2: This one is a bit harder to trigger if you use him as pos1 because his mystery does only 4 combo per unit, but still quite possible and it deals a lot of damage

Passive: Immunity to debuffs, more damage explosive mode = great for pos1 ninjas

Overall he has a great pos1 type of kit, while also having a good amount of tags which makes him easier to shield/buff up.

High damages chases and strong mystery, immunity to debuffs, self-buff for more damage

He works with all mains pretty much but I would recommend Fire/Wind/Water mains mostly

1. Fire Main "the full buff team"

Screenshot_1 (2)

Screenshot_2 (2)Screenshot_3

You could also use the secret ninjutsu user buff (gives an option to reset mystery cooldown if you kill an enemy unit with it)

Generally this team is full buff as it says therefore the goal is nuking your enemy in round 2 most likely, otherwise it won't go really well

2. Fire Main 2



It is not easy to synergize Madara [Ten-Tails Jinchuriki] chase with others, but Edo Minato or Jonin Minato work great with it

So they are good options to use, also adding the extra ignite/damage interrupt option

3. Wind Main



Another good option similar to the team above

4. Wind Main 2



Edo Hashirama can be replaced with any other support-ish chakra drainer ninja also

Naruto[Six-paths] and Madara [Ten-tails] c*ternate between pos1 and pos2 by how you feel it's better.

5. Water Main



A bit more cancer-ish team this time around

The chases and poison/ignites are highest damage in this team and there is a lot of potential

Jonin Minato is there mostly for the chases and some extra damage but if you don't care much about chases you c*e a more support oriented ninja.

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Ok seeing those teams actually makes me post here, 4 of those teams are aweful, the only team you got right for him is the 2nd windmain team with naruto and sage hashi

Madara is a bad Move 1 ninja for the current meta, he is a full glasscannon that cannt hit through dodge and only himself has dodge after he fired his mystery which he cannot reset himself

He is far better used as a move 2 or 3 ninjas to capitalize on his great chases

For example something like this with wind or watermain


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Just beat a higher power Madara10T, with SoSP & Edo Itachi in bonds XD

Mad10T too squishy, dies fast.

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Can someone make a team with the nightblade character, without cash ninjas pls.

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  • 2xMachina On 2019-01-08 00:08:27
  • XD

    Just beat a higher power Madara10T, with SoSP & Edo Itachi in bonds XD

    Mad10T too squishy, dies fast.

you wish that in 2021 xd

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