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Fun Idea - Story mode for each main


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I don't know if this will ever be a thing (probably not) but I had the neat thought of each main having some sort of story mode where we get a better picture of their character traits and relationsships to one another. I think that all the mains have, even though we don't really see them acting a lot outside of the plot instances, a pretty colorful personality. Even the way they express themselves in their different clothings gives them personality. And I really like the sentences they say sometimes in the Hot Springs

Anyways, just a fun little idea. I always see so awesome (and cute ) fanmade pictures and fanfictions in the fanfiction section of the forum and many other cool things on Google Images that I just really want to have more story to their each respective character. What do you all think?

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We need more backstory of them- fanfiction forum users made some researches already and we managed to dig out some interesting information about them- yet it's still just a little bit and many things to be told or to assume.

But it would be really great if they were given something more beside all we have so far.

But no bigger hopes for it- so until miracle happen, we are left with our own creativity- for good or bad

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Maybe after shippuden story ends they could add more plot about the main characters' journey

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After shippuden we may get Boruto story, with Boruto time-skip clothes

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