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Unfortunately for a few of us, they had some ninja be 4*, as much as it hurts some of us. We also don't have some Y skills, but still.

My own personal hope is that around the time they release the Y skills, assuming they do, they lower the bar for a few ninja like Ay or Susasuke to 3*, 4* Ay or 4* Susasuke's....kind of pricey, and not easy at all for f2p players (such as myself, I was really, really looking forward to Susasuke breakthrough, although it would've taken a while.)

They have said it was so that the meta doesn't change too fast...I think. But if they do it later on, it wouldn't have changed too fast, I think. And I've heard Hashi gets some sort of updated breakthrough that seems pretty good, either way, I'm just hoping that they lower the bar in the future, only having people like Tobirama, Hashirama, and Danzo at 3*, whilst others like Susasuke, Mei, or Hanzo (Who I'm kind of alright with being 4*), take 4* to skillbreak seems a bit odd. Unless we look at this economically, then may as well just make everyone 4*, it won't help how much some people like it though.

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