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Need a good Roshi 4 tails team please


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I am looking for an effective all round team that i dont have to change often, one that i c*e in PVP events such as sage world, matsuri, training grounds and such.

Preferably, i would like a team that has decent damage, so fights dont last forever, also with a decent amount of defense + resistance.

Bit of info, my ini is just under 5k on main which is my position 1 right now, also main mood is at 65%.

Here are some screenshots of what i have to work with. I am willing to change main character class.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to help :)


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If you want a good all around lineup that can be used in SWB, then I'd say Water main, Sailor Sakura, Fuguki, and Roshi with talents 32322 and 8 span bird. (could also substitute Sailor sakura with Kurenai once you get Gamaken and use water talents 32432).

One team that I used to use though that was better for GNW was Water main, Yagura, Yugito, Roshi talents 32432 with ninja monkey summon.

Roshi does well with either Water main teams or earth main teams because he is pretty vulnerable to blitz teams so you need shields/healing.

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