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[ Events ] December 2018 in a nutshell


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  • YOU GUY SHOULD BE GREATFUL OASIS IS GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY BY GIVING P2w EVENTS ALL WEEK AND MAKING A NINJA 3000$ even that billgates cant afford but you sit here making a bunch of forums to slam oasis for there greedy acts? be grateful for oasis giving us chrimas theme thats free amd looking at the p2w events for a week thays free hell even lucky bag which is dulll now this week going to be jollyGreat because if i have so much money i rather spend it on somthing worthy then a virtual game thats trying to get your money before it closes and when it cloases there wont be no more madara sense the server are shut down at leadt one of my freinds came back to the game but i told him to leave before he gets corruptted nice knoeing i could save a life RIP US

3000$ for some image you see smashing your opponents... Bill Gates would be proud of you guys !

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