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[ Events ] Boy lost in Flames and Power of the Sage: Event Cycle - 29th of November


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  • Daiske On 2018-11-28 21:10:48
  • No. it is not like that.

    Madara is very special ninja and he is not supposed to be obtainable that easy. You have one month to recharge enough for him. It's almost Christmas so people most likely spend on other things as well.

    We want to give our players an option to recharge for him slowly instead of fast and big recharge for him in one week.

When did you get a 3,000 USD/4,000 SGD/40 JUTA worth of X'mas present on single year by a Single person?

Dude, you should really stop with the "Special and Exclusive".

Yes some of us don't mind spending on games. BUT we do have a limit on our spending no?

I don't think we can eat our in-game food for our meals...

Yes we have 1 whole month to recharge the 3k.

So average people spend 1,000 usd a week on naruto online?

Yes, Oasis has to pay their staff and etc, but there is always a limit...

What's with the opening of the new and newer and newer server all the time? You think that would not affect current server populations?

All you guys do is take feedback and dump it in the *. So, it is about time you guys give back to the community.

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  • Bildresultat för laughing guy gif the office

    I'm sorry, but "give back to the community and Oasis" doesn't work in the same sentence.

Hahaha a long shot but just trying, I saw how generous they are since 2017's Halloween "REWARDS" they gave the ultra-exclusive and rare ninja transformation card with Dango...

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