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Can anyone please help me come up with an auto team, for the likes of space time and sage, generally I prefer messing around with my own lineups but having a bad streak at the moment

* important to note my ini isn't very good so more often than not I am slower than the opponent

To save a little space i'll just screenshot some of my arguably "better" characters, although with the exceptions of edo hashi, kurama naruto and ay 4th I have completed the current treasures

Characters 2Characters 1Characters 3Characters 4

Thank you

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Hiruzen ( edo ) Lineup

Asuma WB Shisui And Hiruzen with earth main i guess you have KOH

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anything with 6paths naruto, the entire point of him is so you can go afk
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Thanks for the replies guys

Never actually tried the edo hiruzen team in auto settings, with my bad ini and power I kinda figured the team would be controlled and cut down very easily, at this point cant hurt to try, I do have koh

I've tried a few of Ice's 6p teams, the "no buffs" team - naruto 6p/madara 5k/ summer sakura/ water as healer worked briefly in space time, but so many teams have multiple dodgers seems more people have shisui and minato than not these days. so my naruto cant win single handedly, atleast not in auto matches, havent been slacking off but seems im falling behind, struggling to climb the ranks at all this space time

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A modification of the classic water cancer team? Something to the effect of 6P Naruto, Roshi, Summer Sakura and Water Main.

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You own such a wide variety of ninjas, I'm a bit envious.

That said try this:

X x Itachi Susano'o

X Madara founder x

Earth main Angel god konan x

Talents: 33321, summon: kirin, summon mystery: giant katsuyu level 3 or, if not, ninja dog shiba.

Itachi will interrupt any han/madara 5th kage summit/kisame samehada your enemy owns, so you will keep your shields. By using itachi, madara will give you back 40 chakra and will let you use main mystery. Your itachi will hit twice with standard (unmissable) + two hits from madara and a potential cd reduction for konan that may even use her mystery, everything in round 1. What happens in round 2 depends on what happened in round 1. But is a very solid lineup you can try.

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Thanks for the replies, Scarlett, that team seems to be my best chance for now, thanks very much

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