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My ninja dead before lauch mystery :3 is this normal ?


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It's just lag, it happens to me sometimes, notice the symbol above auto, that says there is problems syncing what you see on your screen with what has already happened in battle, ask who you are with and they will tell you your ninja is dead already. Just refre* should fix the problem. and i get it a lot when i am in a team, or whenever i am in Sage. Another way to check how bad you are lagging, check your server time and compare it to the actual time, the time difference chows how much behind you are lagging.

Hope this helps ^_^

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It's most likely due to the 2x default which can cause lag.

Additionally, there are special conditions where ninjas will go first no matter the outcome, but I'm sure in your case, it was just a matter of not receiving packets to cast your mystery.

I'd suggest flushing your DNS and logging to help have a better stabilize connection

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