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[ Fanart ] Adult/Jonin Mains- colored edition :D


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oh well, just got back from badminton with my nephew~ super tired, plus not enough sleep last night.

guess i release crimson here. it's hard to tone down his muscles, if you really like a true warrior-defender.


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Idk myself, but someone who has enough will to attain those muscles..

must still have had a gem worth protecting in his bag some where? maybe or not. Idk.

well, I'm kinda an artist, but I quit art at 14 after I was awarded my first price in art in school.

my parents keep telling me that science is the path to go.

so I went into triple science stream. physics, chemistry, biology.

at 15, i'm not so sure, if it was at 15, but time stop for me.. it has been an eternity ever since.

I'm so tired, I can't even believe the path I took, but I did and can't regret,

I can only keep moving forward toward my destiny, whatever that fate would be.

Knowledge is a double edge sword, will it save the world or kill the world, Idk.

I feel like I still have 2% chakra left, Idk if I am prepared to do something crazy,

like open the death gate to protect what is still important to me.

Because I don't know yet, what else is still important to me, can I release it all? Can I?

At the moment, I can't feel much pain thou, I think I'm numb to it for too long.

It's amazing that I can still type what I wanted to type here. oh well I decided.

I'll give you a support so graceful and skillful, you won't want to say it quit yet.


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For All was well in the world in the beginning of time, and it will be well again when the curtain closes.

For Science is an Art, And Art is a Science, and all that is good and bad will be balanced.

When holy water falls, and the prince of peace is to rise again, they will say.. for all that was good was good.

And all that was bad can be redeemed. Fear not death, for dawn awaits tomorrow.


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Lol @ Tiami, guess, I gonna sing a song~

Heal the world~, make it a better place~, for you and for me and the entire human race~

There are people dying, if you care enough for the living~, make a better place for you and for me~ XD

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one verse reply~

I am killing my hate that lies inside me, so that I maybe pure and whole again~ =P

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Well, so like I said, I'm bias about earth main, since i'm more of a minimalist myself.

here is a revised scrawny version of earth main which focus less on raw muscles power and more on earth ninjutsu.

sorry if the hair is a bit messy, maybe he just got out of bed or something~ Idk


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