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[ Fanart ] Adult/Jonin Mains- colored edition :D


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I did it, it's finished "dies"



Here comes my finished project of adult versions of our mains "throws confetti"

Enjoy and tell me what you think!

They are still separated pics but maybe I will make some wallpaper-like picture with them (some group photo of them, hmmm hmmm? We will see~~)

And so, without further blabbering:











Cheers luvs

EDIT: link to better version (cause PNG files were too big for forum to accept )

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  • ⛧Akuma⛧ On 2018-11-27 05:25:35
  • Yea Yeah Yeah

    It's so AWESOME ! ! !

    You deserve for some nap ;)


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  • ClumsyDrawer On 2018-11-27 09:27:09
  • man, I wish there's a clean version, would love to save those in my N.O fanarts collection!

Your wish shall be granted- better quality and clear version ~~

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  • TOMB0L0CK D0WN! On 2018-11-27 15:30:11
  • Idk myself, but someone who has enough will to attain those muscles..

    must still have had a gem worth protecting in his bag some where? maybe or not. Idk.

    well, I'm kinda an artist, but I quit art at 14 after I was awarded my first price in art in school.

    my parents keep telling me that science is the path to go.

    so I went into triple science stream. physics, chemistry, biology.

    at 15, i'm not so sure, if it was at 15, but time stop for me.. it has been an eternity ever since.

    I'm so tired, I can't even believe the path I took, but I did and can't regret,

    I can only keep moving forward toward my destiny, whatever that fate would be.

    Knowledge is a double edge sword, will it save the world or kill the world, Idk.

    I feel like I still have 2% chakra left, Idk if I am prepared to do something crazy,

    like open the death gate to protect what is still important to me.

    Because I don't know yet, what else is still important to me, can I release it all? Can I?

    At the moment, I can't feel much pain thou, I think I'm numb to it for too long.

    It's amazing that I can still type what I wanted to type here. oh well I decided.

    I'll give you a support so graceful and skillful, you won't want to say it quit yet.


It's not too late to turn face and heart over to the thing that lights fire in your soul.

You know how Calm Mind replenish chakra and makes Midnight immune to everything?

That's right- find what brings that calmness and holds on tight to it.

And look at that Breeze- she is essence of beauty and strength, even in such minimalist style.

Well done. Stay strong, adamant warrior and release what's best inside of you.

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  • Tommy Otaku On 2018-11-27 16:03:43
  • You killed me with these awesome arts again Tiami *gasp*

I think it's not the worst way to die, at least

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  • TOMB0L0CK D0WN! On 2018-11-27 16:40:29
  • Lol @ Tiami, guess, I gonna sing a song~

    Heal the world~, make it a better place~, for you and for me and the entire human race~

    There are people dying, if you care enough for the living~, make a better place for you and for me~ XD

I take that song (which is great btw and forever will be) and let me sing something from my side too

All the hate coming out from a generation
Who got everything, and nothing guided by temptation
Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run
Or has something deep inside of us come undone?
Is it a human trait, or is it learned behavior
Are you killing for yourself, or killing for your savior?

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  • Kuebiko On 2018-11-28 10:57:49
  • wooot nice art!!

    omg they look great and pretty and :D srsly why don't we have jonin outfits in game?

    would u believe me if i said i was planning to draw jonin mains too but stuff came up and rip lmao :')

Like I said- I choose this outfit from pure laziness of designing new clothes to them xD

But yeah, we have ANBU one so why not jonin- tho, maybe they will stay genins forever like some bois we know from series

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  • FedeDeef On 2018-11-28 21:43:07
  • I'm bowing down before u so hard im becoming the ground

    like the potato, feel the potato, be the potato

Praise the Potato!

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  • Rik S146 On 2018-11-28 23:14:00
  • Wow, it looks absolutely amazing, Tiami! I hope we get those one day .

Thank you

And yes it would be awesome- this and Akatsuki outfit and...I know! KIDS VERSIONS of them! And and...imagine all the posibilities...- meanwhile we get 3 versions of summer clothes- guess game creators like bikinis more

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  • Clefable On 2018-11-29 11:33:20
  • I never go into the fan fic section, but i am glad that i did, Soo amazing, had to steal Azure Fang to be my Pic on Discord ( will put link to this post as my note)

    I would love to see the Mains as different Kages and their element could match the Kages during the Five Kage Summit. (Azure as Mizukage, Scarlet as Hokage, Crimson as Tsuchikage, Midnight as Raikage, and Breeze as Kazekage)

See, I always repeat that Fanfiction section is best part of this forum and a place to be!

And I feel honored that you find my art worthy to be used on Discord

Also, I have many, MANYYYY ideas of new "roles" and outfits for them, so there will be some more soon for sure.

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  • pizzas On 2018-11-30 05:05:08
  • I don't know how you did it but they look so much like them yet so different and mature but still themselves. I'm speechless, in a good way

What can I say- it wasn't easy and actual time it took to finish this project from very first sketches I've made- was few weeks~~

I was studying our mains- in all their outfits so far- then characters from Naruto and how they changed during time-skips.

I was using even myself as reference- for hairstyle of Scarlet xD Just made it a bit more "boyish"

There was many, mannnyyy ideas for each of them- like hairstyle of Azure- I wanted it to be more like water, if that makes sense?

Asuma was inspiration for Crimson and Ino for Breeze.

And I can say that without a doubt- those are my best artworks for Naruto Online so far but for sure there will be more in future!

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  • TOMB0L0CK D0WN! On 2018-12-03 01:15:13
  • Well, so like I said, I'm bias about earth main, since i'm more of a minimalist myself.

    here is a revised scrawny version of earth main which focus less on raw muscles power and more on earth ninjutsu.

    sorry if the hair is a bit messy, maybe he just got out of bed or something~ Idk


I still feel that muscles are whole charming essence of our Potato~~

Awesome bed hair

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