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[ Crimson Fist ] Earth main immunity on shields?


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I have noticed that Earth main with shields tend to be immune to effects of any sort. I want to know how this works, since I don't get it, it isn't written in any skill besides the 2 turn skill that grands two players immunity, but without using it I still notice the immunity. I have *ternative character which is earth main, and I am not using that skill that grands two ninjas immunity to 2 turns, yet, I still get it if I have shields.
Am I seeing things, or there is hidden information to this?

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What ninjas are you using with him?

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Skill guidance gives earth main and another random unit in your lineup immunity for 2 rounds , but they can be canceled 5ks madara for example, or you didnt asked for that ?

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Ninjas? This is actually the first time I heard of it. I do know Skill Guidance gives shields and immunity to EM and a random male unit but not an immunity coz of shield. Throw in the talents you used for your other account too.

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Maybe control fails?

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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-11-27 16:51:04
  • Maybe control fails?

I actually think this as well. Unless it actually said "immune" instead of control fail, then that's the assumption.

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