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Zenith Initiative


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How does speed work in zenith cos it doesn't make sense when you're just faster at first fight and after that the next round your opponent will be faster.

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Hi! The initiative in Zenith is based on which player picked the ninja with the highest point cost. The one who picked the highest point cost will have initiative advantage for two rounds, while the one who had the lower point cost will have initiative advantage for 3 rounds.

You can find more information regarding Zenith here, courtesy of ICE*. Under the section, "Now let's talk about the "inside of the fight" "

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Ic, thanks Jiburiru, it's times like these I'm really thankful to ICE senpai~

Zenith is actually more balanced than I thought, All is well. I'm beginning to really like Zenith.

The picking ninjas part is really the hardest imo. But v challenging n fun.

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