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[ Fanart ] random sketches #2


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Midnighty in glasses in best Tsundere Princess. I said it.

And I absolutely love it

Glasses are totally my weakness

hahaha xD

Aaaaaand anbu boys..... to the eternal sauna with the mask! Look at that Flamey smile <3 and Midnighty awwwwwhhhhdflkdfglkgkfdg <3

Love every single one of those and I also love these two (especially together )

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  • TOMB0LOCKD0WN! On 2018-11-26 18:24:04
  • sketched my konoha five mains the night after being inspired by Tiami's, release here's 2 for you Otaku.

    erm sorry I'm a bit of a minimalist myself.. i think Akuma would understand..

    good luck with the anbu version Otaku.. will be waiting for yours.



Minimalistic style also has it's charm~~ Like your Midnighty is actually very expressive and hold strong pose- all ready for battle and sure of win. And Scarlet is, hmmm...Sasuke'ish :D

And yayish >.< hearing that I inspired someone is always making me feel warm inside, you don't even know! Keep on working and practicing

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