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6 path Naruto Bug


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  • Akidonoki On 2018-11-27 08:34:52
  • it may be an issue though? both of these ninjas dont dodge shisuis chase either, if its 100% failure rate, then there likely would be an issue

There r some chases which r undodgable, like naruto [kurama mode] chase repulse-low
About the dodge rate, it's related to the combo rate of the ninjas, so the more combo stats your obito-kakashi and the less combo their ninjas is, the higher chance the dodge will happened... The base percentage is 70% i think, plus and minus the combo stats.

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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-11-28 19:17:29
  • Depends on the kind of evasion.

    Sakura/iruka kind is around 40%

    Han/kimimaro kind is around 100%

    Kakashi susano'o/madara is around 70%.

    Shisui/minato kind is around 200%.

the 1 hit evade of shisui/minato/masked man... etc is kidda like "will dodge", not high chances, unless it suffers from an undodgable mys or standard/chase (itachi ssn/ madara standard, kakashi ssn passive for konoha mys, naruto kurama chase,...)

for han/kimimaro, it's not 100%, and i cant figure the percentage out. sometimes when i make them paralized (minato bond skill), they wont dodge as much, and sometimes they r sleeping/immobile, they can still dodge, usually they wont dodge so much when paralized (in my cases).

sakura/water main: 40% is depending on luck a lot.... so wont talk about that...

for iruka/ kakashi icha icha paradise, in the case of kakashi, he has high chances of dodging once, and that chance is pretty high. for iruka though, the skill says have high chances to dodge "attacks", but i only saw him dodging only once, so maybe the dodge rate of the first attack is high, then the others is low, or he just dodge once like kakashi.

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  • Tobei On 2018-12-03 08:41:10
  • Wrong, it's roughly a 95% chance to dodge. There is a small chance, extremely rare that they won't dodge the first incoming action.


    Kakashi dodged my 6paths Naruto's chase. However, Kurama Naruto has an undodgeable chase. Are you sure you aren't confusing one with the other?

I notice sometimes my obito got the full combo by the opponent (happens most of the time when i face anyone 30k or 40k higher bp than me) with no dodge or soever...

and sometimes he doesnt dodge the first chase but will dodge the second, or got hit by some chases then dodge.

So is the 95% rate is only for the first chase he suffered or is it for every chase?, because if it's for every chase, i must be really, really unlucky to got my obito combo-ed almost "everytime" i meet "whales".

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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-12-04 07:38:00
  • You misunderstood what i said.

    When i say those numbers i mean that, on par level, with 2000 more combo rate than your enemy sakura/iruka begins to fail in dodging 50% of the times when the dodge procs. At 4000+ more combo they fail to dodge 95% of the times.

    Madara 5th kage/kakashi susano'o begin to fail in dodging a chase when you own 3500 more combo than them and fail 95% of the times when you own 7000+ more combo than them.

    Han/kimimaro begin to fail in dodging if you own 5000+m more combo than them and fail 95% of the times when you own 10000+ more combo than them.

    Shisui/minato begin to fail in dodging if you own 10000 more combo than them and fail to dodge 95% of the times when you own 20000+ more combo than them.

    Regardless your combo rate, exists always a 5% chance they do not fail.

    The only exception to this rule is pain - tendo that avoids the 1st standard attack landed in the round 100% of the times, regardless the combo rate of the enemy.

oh i see where this is going...

i like it when the stats come into consideration, and that explains a lot too

thank you for noticing me.

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