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6 path Naruto Bug


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  • YujinTakara On 2018-11-28 20:17:32
  • the 1 hit evade of shisui/minato/masked man... etc is kidda like "will dodge", not high chances, unless it suffers from an undodgable mys or standard/chase (itachi ssn/ madara standard, kakashi ssn passive for konoha mys, naruto kurama chase,...)

    for han/kimimaro, it's not 100%, and i cant figure the percentage out. sometimes when i make them paralized (minato bond skill), they wont dodge as much, and sometimes they r sleeping/immobile, they can still dodge, usually they wont dodge so much when paralized (in my cases).

    sakura/water main: 40% is depending on luck a lot.... so wont talk about that...

    for iruka/ kakashi icha icha paradise, in the case of kakashi, he has high chances of dodging once, and that chance is pretty high. for iruka though, the skill says have high chances to dodge "attacks", but i only saw him dodging only once, so maybe the dodge rate of the first attack is high, then the others is low, or he just dodge once like kakashi.

Wrong, it's roughly a 95% chance to dodge. There is a small chance, extremely rare that they won't dodge the first incoming action.


Kakashi dodged my 6paths Naruto's chase. However, Kurama Naruto has an undodgeable chase. Are you sure you aren't confusing one with the other?

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Tendo's isn't 100% blockable.

It's a % based on your stats compared to your opponent's.

Anyway, as OP hasn't answered the thread. It'll be locked.

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