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Assist li<x>nk bug


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Deidara's assist link doesn't work with any main characters, and now I cant even place on any character in my team. Today I got the notification saying "This unit hasn't been available for Assist links" despite the fact that I've used him multiple times in multiple teams "with the exception of putting him on a main character"

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I got the same problem with my minato lvl 9. If i try unlink him to make diferent team, its impossible link him again. Server 446 Name: Draizzar. Pls help us.

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It's bug for a lot ninja, all gnw ninja and events ninja has that bug too

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Even Kushina cant be placed back

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Considering Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving weekend, delayed replies.

We posted an update on Discord last Friday about the Assist links here


Hopefully this clears it up!

Thank you

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