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Ninja collection daily fragments lowered?


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Hey, just wanted to ask: A few ninjas (including Gaara and Konan, which I am still currently skillbreaking) were set to have 10 fragments available per day a while ago, maybe a month or so. Now they were reduced back to 5 with the release of the new collection scroll. Is that intentional? Because if so it just really screwed me over.

I hope this was a mistake, or was it intentional?

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Are you sure you own currently the coins to claim 10 frags?

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Someone posted about this in the bug and support section so keep checking that post for a response. It seems that most ninja frags redemption was halved. Only ninja who seem to not be affected are the pains (as far as I can tell). Lets hope this was a mistake.

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It is lowered. Two ninja that I always get is sage naruto and gaara. Gaara lowered from 10 to 5, sage naruto lowered from 5 to 2, idk about the rest.

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