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[ Lineup ] Still worth going for Roshi?


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Hey everyone, I'm a relatively new player on an old-ish server, free to play (after getting maybe 10$ into the game for a monthly card and a daily recharge event). Currently I mostly run a team of Sage Naruto, Killer Bee, Gaara (base, broken) and Wind Main/Water Main depending on the day.

I'm currently saving up seal scrolls for rebates and am simply wondering if Roshi is still worth getting for me (since I have a hard time thinking of a team I could put him into that both supports him and reliably triggers his chase) or if I should simply keep putting seal scrolls into GNW whenever a rebate shows up.

Here's my ninjas:






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Yes because there is no better full free option for you, but first i would go for gnw treasure and look at what super rare you get there. If you get kurama then roshi is mandatory, if you get madara no.

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yeah hese a god like if you have him stack heel be a beast

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